Jagdeep Singh on selection in America’s Got Talent: Our dream has come true

We practice for it every day. Now, I have become world famous. I feel very happy on seeing this enthusiasm of people. With their stunts, the group has four world records to their credit and have performed at various international platforms including Asia’s Got Talent, Germany’s Got Talent and Slovakia’s Got Talent. And when a celebrity says they want a photo with me, I feel extremely proud.”
Ritvik Dhanjiani with Jagdeep Singh. We are getting many more invitations to perform and we have become celebrities,” shares an elated Jagdeep. Also, people are excited to click a photo with the tallest policeman. Kawaljit reveals, “I have practised these stunts for almost 15-20 years. Jagdeep doesn’t want people to imitate the stunts they perform without practice. It’s a matter of great pride.”


But the reaction of people, be it in India or the US, has been the same. The 7 feet 6 inches tall Jagdeep no longer has to go to a tailor to get his clothes stitched. What bigger happiness can be there for him than the group performing on a platform like America’s Got Talent. We are getting many calls of appreciation.” Jagdeep adds, “The leader of our group Kawaljit has worked very hard for the last fifteen years to make our group reach where it is today. ‘This Danger Act From India Will SCARE You With A SMASH!’ read the title of the video that was shared on America’s Got Talent’s YouTube channel. Kawaljit says, “We are thrilled with the response. As the man from Punjab crushed the last watermelon, the audience and judges gave the two Indians a standing ovation. “They get stunned by our acts,” asserts Kawaljit. Advertising

In their first act on America’s Got Talent, Jagdeep laid on the ground with coconuts and watermelons around him, and a blindfolded Kawaljit crushed them with a hammer. He has to do meditation for this and he practices hard.”
Not only professionally, but things have also changed personally for Kawaljit Singh and Jagdeep Singh. And, this expertise in their art has come after a lot of practice. “Earlier, I used to get my clothes stitched and now I find clothes of my size in foreign countries so I shop from there,” he shares. 0
Comment(s) “Earlier, it was only the people of my village or people where I was posted knew me. Meanwhile, Kawaljit and Jagdeep understand their responsibility towards their fans. Now, we are not only stars but also superstars. When people meet me, they want to click a photo with me. Now, after their selection in the US reality show, Kawaljit Singh and Jagdeep Singh (also the tallest policeman in the world) are on cloud nine. We perform for 3-4 times in a day and now it has become a routine. “There are some people who copy us and get injured so we want them to take proper training in this and only then attempt it. They can come to us to learn this,” he suggests. Between 2010 and 2019, things have changed for Kawaljit Singh and the Bir Khalsa group. We use a thermocol hammer and a dummy while practising.”

Jagdeep, who trusts Kawaljit with his life, says, “While we perform the task, we should not have any stress and our mind should be focused only on the act. “Every artiste has a wish of performing on America’s Got Talent, and with this, our dream has come true. I have to be very cool and calm while Kawaljit is performing the stunt.