Kalank post-mortem: Naysayers were right


Characters go on with their eloquent dialogues that sound poetic but aren’t really that substantive. There is no doubt that Kalank is a product of hard work and it shows in the making of the film but is that enough? The film has a runtime of 2 hours 45 minutes which is hard to get through in one sitting. 0
Comment(s) Madhuri Dixit’s Bahaar Begum is suffering from a big Chandramukhi hangover here and her famous dancing skills are not enough to salvage Kalank. There is a large star cast but as you watch the film, it gives you the feeling that everyone was just passing the buck to their co-star and hence, no one really bothered. Alia Bhatt looks disinterested and Varun Dhawan breaks your heart as he is on the verge of undoing everything that he did with October. Projects like Kalank serve as a cautionary tale that films demand more than stunning visuals and if there is no meat to the story, pretty people dancing around in pretty costumes can’t save a sinking ship. There’s also Kunal Kemmu who is kind-of a villain but there are already so many people to keep track of that it’s hard to stay interested. The slow pace of the paper-thin plotline gives you enough time to check your phone, go to the washroom, rush to the kitchen to get some popcorn and all of this doesn’t even require you to pause the film. Advertising

Since I did not watch the film at the theater, I caught up with the Dharma Productions extravaganza mainly to see what the fuss was all about. Kalank is now available on Amazon Prime Video. After all, films are a unique experience and I wanted to sit through it to form an opinion about it. Verdict: Glad I didn’t spend money on it. This post is full of spoilers. Sanjay Dutt, Sonakshi Sinha and Aditya Roy Kapur maintain the same expression throughout the film. The film demands you to root for the star crossed lovers but there isn’t enough here for you to really feel their anguish. They move around in exquisite costumes on the palatial sets and you are left wondering that if the makers had these fancy plans for the film, why not invest a little more time in the writing? Madhuri Dixit’s Bahaar Begum has a huge Chandramukhi hangover. Kalank is as mainstream as Bollywood can get. There’s a big difference in watching films at a theater vs watching them at home, especially when it’s a long drawn out feature like Kalank.