Kinshuk Vaidya: Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki deals with issues that need to be discussed

So yes, these things are happening everywhere. I know a seven-year-old who is hooked to Netflix. Advertising

Totally, and I think it was Shivya who took the initiative. As far as your relationship with Shivya Pathania is concerned, you guys have always been very open about it. You are born and brought up in Mumbai, a metropolitan city. It was a typical Rajshri show with Kavita Barjatya helming it. Advertising

Kinshuk recently sat down to speak exclusively to about the importance of the show, his journey, relationship with Shivya Pathania and more. Though, I was working behind the camera, assisting people. We have focussed on those aspects also. I feel if there was an Ishq Vishq being made today, I would have suited it perfectly. It was a perfect comeback for me. While small-town folks are more vocal about it, people in cities want to believe they are progressive. While many would pick faults, there would be a lot many who would get inspired by our characters. Honestly, especially in Mumbai, people have no time. But even today, I don’t think the image of Sanju has faded a bit. They now look at us as individual actors apart from being a couple. And these are the people, who should be more aware of this sad mentality. We represent young India and I hope we set a trend. They will claim to be very modern but will definitely raise an eyebrow when their daughter wants to get married in a lower class. Though these films are being watched widely, the small sections in the country still have access to only TV. But then, children today don’t even have time for television. So in a way, we are spreading the message to every corner of the world. I knew it would be tough to get into films and was plain lucky to bag Ek Rishta Sajhedaari Ka. More Explained

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Q. It’s sad that there are no kids’ shows anymore. There are different kinds of people everywhere. Not just to believe in love but also to take a stand and work hard to find respect for themselves in society. We did face a similar stage but fortunately, fans today are evolved. I knew I couldn’t sit at home forever and so I chose to get back. Q. They are burdened with studies and activities that they cannot sit and watch TV. I think it’s great. But I deeply believe that it makes more sense to do a good TV show than a film that goes away without any notice. Also, the kids are getting matured too soon and being exposed to everything. So after Shakalaka Boom Boom, I decided to take a break. But I also understand why many keep it under wraps. He wants to become a successful man so that no one ever questions his caste. Do you feel people in urban cities are blind to these incidents? But the trend of such film is gone and even if it was to be made, an older star would have played the character. Weren’t there multiple versions of Ramayana and Mahabharat also made? What was the kind of struggle you faced when you decided to get back to acting? I actually wanted the audience to forget Sanju before I get back. Was it a conscious decision to not hide it? The basic premise might be the same but the characters are very different from each other. This is the first TV show around the subject. One usually doesn’t copy it completely but adapts in their own style. Q. I look quite young to be in films. I think I was probably very lucky to have not faced any struggle. You started your career as a child artiste. Q. What new will we get to see in the show? Topics like class discrimination and honour killing are so relatable in the current scenario. I feel the shows in our time made you believe in fantasy and gave hope. 0
Comment(s) There are times when the relationship becomes the point of discussion, and no one is even bothered about the work you do. I don’t know how do we fight it but maybe a few generations down, people would be aware and educated enough to understand the importance of equality. What’s your take on television shows being adapted from films? Popular Photos

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Q. Why do you feel it would have been tough with Bollywood? Two films – Sairat and Dhadak on the same subject have already been made. Here are excerpts from the conversation:
Q. But these are also the people who might believe that it’s actually wrong to fall in love with a person from different caste/class? Our show deals with pertinent issues that need to be discussed widely. I hope someday I find a character suited for me. You might be from any class but one has to uplift themselves and prove that they are worthy of achieving everything. Like my character Badal, he is a strong guy, with aims and goals. Advertising

Q. What’s your take on the current trends on the small screen? Also, unlike films, in a show, you can delve deeper into the characters and understand their mindset and emotions. That’s being really motivating. Shakalaka Boom Boom is one of the most iconic shows from the 90s. It was beautiful back then. Q. They don’t even know what’s happening in their own houses.