Neil Gaiman’s Sandman DC comic to be adapted by Netflix

The deal is not finalised yet, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The main character of the comic series is Dream, also called Morpheus. The attempts to bring it to the screen have been going on since the 1990s. THR reports that Netflix likely signed a “massive financial deal” with Warner Bros TV to snag the series. Advertising

And now Sandman, another of his creations, is also being adapted for the small screen, this time at Netflix. Warner Bros owns DC and all related properties. The project has seen multiple writers come and go. Advertising

In the graphic novel form, the series remains one of the few to be on the New York Times Best Seller list. 0
Comment(s) Allan Heinberg, known for co-scripting 2017’s Wonder Woman movie, will serve as the writer and showrunner on the series. The series has horror, dark fantasy elements and loads of black humour. Gaiman’s Sandman adaptation has been in pipeline for decades. Sandman has been the name of many DC Comics characters, but the most popular one is Gaiman’s run called The Sandman, which was published through DC’s now defunct Vertigo imprint. Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns are the other entries.