Oh Baby full movie leaked on Tamilrockers

Even as her physical age is 24, she is the same 70-year-old doting mother from the inside. Indianexpress.com’s Manoj Kumar R gave the film 3 stars and wrote, “The entire comedy of the film rests on Baby’s struggles to come to terms with her new reality. It seems she would endure all the hardships all over again and risk growing into a cranky old woman for the sake of her loved ones even in her second chance.”


“Samantha Akkineni thrives in the role that reflects the possibilities of youth, the burden of old age, and the society’s indifference to the desires and complaints of old people. She force feeds her grandson Rocky (Teja Sajja) and punishes him for smoking. She can’t help but complain about her daughter-in-law’s cooking. Written by director BV Nandini Reddy and Lakshmi Bhupala, the film convincingly captures the circle of life,” he added. 0
Comment(s) The quality is often high definition. Tamilrockers regularly leaks major films, TV shows and even web series and puts up the content as soon as it is released or aired. It is directed by B V Nandini Reddy. Tamilrockers’ website keeps changing its domain extension every single time, so it is hard to block every extension it comes up with. Baby forgets her youth when she sees her son Nani (Rao Ramesh) and rushes to him with open arms. Advertising

Oh Baby stars Samantha Akkineni, Naga Shaurya, Lakshmi and Rajendra Prasad in major roles. Her new life still revolves around her loved ones. She tucks in a fully-grown man Vikram (Naga Shaurya), who wants to have relations with her, by singing a lullaby. Even the blocked URLs can also be accessed through proxy servers.