Raatchasi leaked by Tamilrockers

It is not even limited to films. It is ‘that’ ordinariness of the character which resonates with the audience always. It’s enough if filmmakers are honest in their intent and creative in their expression,” she added. Despite stringent laws and a high court order blocking similar piracy hubs, it has not stopped being a troublemaker. I would have liked the film more if Jyotika was portrayed as an ordinary person with flaws, instead of a superwoman with extraordinary dreams. She wrote, “Raatchasi doesn’t convey anything new to the audience but simply discusses issues that were highlighted in Saattai and Pallikoodam—how the Government schools are unable to give quality education to a large section of the population. Advertising

Tamilrockers has become a pain for film and television production houses over the last few years. Gowthamraj may have had good intentions, but what they are, is not obvious from what is on screen. Indianexpress.com’s S Subhakeertana gave the film 2 stars. 0
Comment(s) His scattered approach to storytelling, with detours, is a huge letdown.”
“Raatchasi could have been a better film if the director understood the screenplay and characters were as important as ‘messages’. One can find all the latest releases from across different languages such as English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu among others on Tamilrockers. Popular TV and web series like Game of Thrones and Sacred Games can also be found on the site. Films need not be preachy or have a message.