Roadies Real Heroes evicted contestant Priya Singh: Felt like I was thrown out of my house

It felt like I was being thrown out of my house. I couldn’t come in terms of the fact that my gang leader considered me as the least important. Absolutely, there was no chance I would have gone otherwise. He did not see that spark and eagerness to win the title. But I was thankful that Yukti stood for me and even though she knew it wouldn’t make a difference, she voted for me. Hence, I was shocked that I was voted out by my own people. Tell us what you think?🤔
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After the eviction, Himachal Pradesh’s Priya Singh spoke exclusively to about being voted out by her gang, her interest in reality shows and her Roadies journey. I would love to do it more, just waiting for good offers. Prince’s gang was given the power to save one among the four. Popular Photos

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It has indeed been a great one. Advertising

You and Rachel tied with two votes and gang leader Nikhil’s vote paved your exit. While most chose Bhargsetu, Yukti voted for you. Were you happy to have one true friend on the show? @oppomobileindia @Woodland @_FlyHigh
— MTV India (@MTVIndia) June 30, 2019
Overall, how has been your Roadies journey? Sahiba and Rachel ke beech mein hui ghamasaan tu-tu, main-main! Sadly, the other contestants were really insecure about us and conspired to break us from the first vote out. So Nikhil sir felt that I never fought with him for a chance to perform. It wouldn’t have hurt if others kicked me out but I was shattered that my team voted me out. While initially, I was the caring elder sister, I wanted her to get independent and take her own decisions. Similarly, I considered my gang as my family. Honestly, Gaurav and I are really great friends and I was hoping he would save me too. Rachel, on the other hand, had outshined in a couple of tasks, according to him. 0
Comment(s) Why do you think he was chosen over you? Since my audition, I have maintained that I am a very family oriented person. I came on the show with my sister, a first in the history of Roadies. It was a calculative move for him but I had put in all my efforts; sad that it never got considered. It’s the best opportunity to travel, even though in extreme conditions, fight for your survival and meet new people. I love reality shows. She left soon and my morale somewhere got affected after that. You also participated in another reality show Love Ok Please, is that what you aim to do more? Also, you must know that most of us have to follow what our gang leaders say and so when Prince sir asked them to save Bhargsetu, they agreed to it. It helps you grow as a person and even learn a lot. 😡😳🤬
Is Sahiba justified with her accusations? I never fought for my place or even for tasks and agreed to whatever my gang leader decided. Do you feel it was your bad luck that an internal vote out happened? I won Love Ok Please and then did Roadies. I was still reeling over the fact that Nikhil sir ousted me and so I didn’t even try to ask for votes.