Samantha Akkineni: Oh Baby is a complete comedy film

Q. The film got very positive reviews but it didn’t collect money at the box office. But we have to remake it, according to our culture and sentiments. Remaking a classic is definitely a very difficult task. Oh Baby has been promoted quite extensively. What was the prep? Q. She is a pure heart despite being in the industry for these many years. I am promoting it so much because the film is special and everyone should watch it. Q. Are you feeling like a complete actor now? Actually, I wanted to do much more but I had only one day to observe the mannerisms of Lakshmi garu. For me, emotional scenes are easy since I am aware of the timing and rhythm of such scenes. She is much like Baby (Samantha’s character in the film). It has comedy, commercial elements, sentiment etc. That’s why I chose Oh Baby. Is it the toughest character in your career? We heard you suggested the film to Nandini Reddy. We can never say about how many people visit theaters only for the heroine. I can only improve my mistake. I am very proud of that decision now. Such films do not fare well at the box office. 0
Comment(s) The scenes I have done with Rajendra Prasad will be on another level. He was very helpful. Yes, it is because comedy looks very easy on the screen but it’s very hard and draining. So, we are dealing with a classic here. I grew up without grandparents. My experience of working with such an actor has improved my acting. We can’t compare the collections of heroine-oriented films with other films. But I guess with films like this, it is important to test your ability to draw people to theaters. I had a little overconfidence in myself in regards to emotional scenes but this scene was most difficult. Q. I had to feel like I gave birth to him. They pull people to theaters. So, I went to an old-age home and tried to pick up as much as I could in terms of their (older generation) behavior. It had to be comic for everyone but I had to maintain a fine line between emotions, comedy and being a 70-year-old. Nandini Reddy is a dear friend of mine and she is an adult but has a child’s heart (smiles). Advertising

Q. Q. I can’t blame the audience. We have no scenes together. I had to look at Rao Ramesh garu as my son and I had to be emotional. How was it working with Rajendra Prasad? I did bits and pieces of comedy in my earlier films but Oh Baby is a complete comedy film. Can we consider Oh Baby as a test for you as an actor? He did teach me a lot about where to make a cut, how to land a punch (comedy line) and how to end it. We did it because we wanted to preserve the original connect and that’s why the Korean producers are also part of this film as well. We were very careful in that aspect. Do you think remakes are a safe option? I have worked hardest on the climax scene of the film. So, on that one day, I noticed everything about her – the way she walks, talks and everything. Q. So, a lot of work went into building the character. How did you act like his mother? So, I felt like she can do it from a woman’s point of view and she could do complete justice to it. I consciously opted for this genre because heroines usually get thrillers or message-oriented dramas, which immediately turn into films only for a niche audience. Oh Baby is the seventh remake of the original film Miss Granny. Q. I think that was the only scene in my entire career where I took two hours break before shooting for it. When I interacted with them, I felt that as they grew older, they become more childlike. It was fun because I had to remember her body language throughout the film. We sat down with the cast and crew of the original version for four hours to know about the purposes and back-stories of each scene and character, which I do not think has happened before for any other remake made in India. Advertising

Maybe it is a test. Oh Baby looks like a perfect blend of different emotions. So far, we acted with superstars such as Mahesh Babu, Jr NTR, Ram Charan and Allu Arjun. I noticed it for my performance and it helped me in the film. Why did you think she will be the right director for the film? Every day after 6 pm, I used to be completely exhausted. What was your rapport with Rao Ramesh? Any reason behind that? Q. People will know it once they watch it. How did you grasp the mannerisms of Lakshmi garu? We do not know how many will come to see us (female leads). We have to change the way of filmmaking for the heroines and make it more universal. Popular Photos

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I think every film has its own challenges. I had to be on the same rhythm every day to continue the tempo. I don’t know much about the rhythm of comedy. More Explained

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Q. The story deserves it. Q. So, it automatically feels like heroine-oriented films won’t collect much but it is also because of the genre that you select. It is a universal film. What I know is that I did a good film. I learned this with U-Turn. It was challenging for me as a 70-year-old had to be in a 25-year-old body without being overdramatic. Advertising

I can never feel like a complete actor because I will always forget what I did last and I always want to do something different.