Second Dhaakad poster: Kangana Ranaut is an unstoppable warrior

Dhaakad is not only a benchmark film for my career but will be a turning point for Indian cinema as well. Sohel and Razy are my friends, and we have been planning this project from quite some time. The firebrand actor is no stranger when it comes to playing a warrior. The film is mounted on a large scale, is one of a kind female-led action film, and is apt for a Diwali release.”
“If it is received well, there will be no looking back for women in Indian Cinema. Advertising

Talking about Dhaakad, Kangana Ranaut had earlier said, “After the success of Manikarnika, it has been proven that audience across the globe is loving larger than life films with a female hero. One she is holding up in the air, while the other is shooting bullets, and there is a determined look upon her face. She wielded swords against the East India Company in Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi earlier this year. The film is scheduled to be released on July 26. Her face, neck and shoulders are smeared with blood, indicating that the battle has been raging for a while. Kangana Ranaut’s character in this Dhaakar poster appears to be in the middle of a battle. 0
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Kangana looks to be in the middle of a battle and has assault rifles in both her hands. We do not know anything about the plot of Dhaakad, but the posters do promise a high-end action thriller. It also suggests that Kangana’s character is an unstoppable warrior, as anybody capable of wielding two rifles at once would be. If you ignore the rifles, Kangana Ranaut’s look resembles Lara Croft’s from Tomb Raider games and films. I am quite excited about this film and can’t wait to start work on it,” she added. Kangana Ranaut, meanwhile, is gearing up for the release of Judgementall Hai Kya, also starring Rajkummar Rao.