Sumukhi Suresh: Comicstaan 2 will have a new vibe altogether

To judge someone is difficult but I really enjoyed the entire experience. Tell us more about your mentoring experience. It was amazing. I think Comicstaan 2 has helped me find more about my personality. During the performance, when a judge didn’t like one of the acts, I went crazy that ‘Mere bacche ko aise kaise bola?’ (How dare you say that to my kid?) That was so new to me. The show also took comedy to a different level. Here are some excerpts from the conversation:
How was the experience of judging the show? Naveen (Richard) and I have been working on sketches for a long time and it’s now that the audience connects to it much better. Maybe not and I think that comes purely from the physical attributes. In a time, when girls picking their own career is problematic, being a comedian is really a difficult task. I also realised I was quite a mother to these kids. If someone wishes to make it, I would be most happy doing it. Do you feel the ratio of women in comedy is finally increasing? The previous season had one female judge and this year there are three. As a host, the advantage is that you can be neutral and like everybody. Comicstaan 2 will be hosted by Abish Mathew and Urooj Ashfaq. But all my other co-judges were really helpful. Advertising

I won’t call it tough but yes it did take some time. I really missed hosting a lot but this was definitely more fun. Do you feel things have changed now? Advertising

Sumukhi gained recognition with her video series Behti Naak and became a star with her web show Pushpavalli. I remember Kenny telling me that I could start talking about things like stage hygiene initially, something that I am a little particular about, and tell contestants on how to fix that. 0
Comment(s) I also got to mentor the contestants, which was a lot of fun. Was it tough to judge? People are still not ready to helm projects for us. My parents, for the longest time, didn’t even know I was doing this. I took charge of the sketch comedy genre. It was only after Pushpavalli that they got to know about it. I think that was good advice and it really helped me. I was nervous and still in the host mode. If we are seeing more women, I think that it has grown for the better. Popular Photos

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Last year, you told us how people are not confident in backing a show about an over-weight protagonist. People now understand the different genres. So yes, it’s a challenge. But till then, we are still considered only as the best friend from Kal Ho Naa Ho. When you are on a show as big as Comicstaan, everyone ends up knowing you. With the new judges coming in, this season will have a new vibe altogether. At the sidelines of the launch of Comicstaan 2, the 31-year-old comedy star spoke exclusively to about turning a judge, the new season and the struggles of women in the field of comedy. Also, I wouldn’t have chosen comedy if I was still in Nagpur. While most of the contestants from season one managed to get popular, how did the show change things for you? Being in a city like Bangalore, which celebrates the industry, helped me take it up. That also helped my other work on the internet pick up.