The not-so-amazing Spider-Man and the things that work in Far From Home

But post the reveal of Mysterio’s actual identity, everything else is messy and done half-heartedly. Spider-Man: Far From Home is a well-cast movie but would have worked infinitely better had more time been spent in the writing room. Next time, maybe. He uses science to challenge Spider-Man and his allies. Gyllenhaal, despite being a versatile actor, is wasted in the movie. Origin stories always are. But director Jon Watts entangles the plot by introducing a new frenemy of Spidey, Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio. Martin Starr as academic decathlon teacher Roger Harrington is hilarious. In the sequel, however, he is trying to grow up and shoulder more responsibility post the death of his mentor and fellow Avenger Iron Man. The dialogues are okay, but they could have been more polished. His performance as the best friend and sidekick is on point as usual. In the first installment of the reboot, Peter Parker aka Spider-Man was an awkward, gawky teen and you felt for him. (SPOILERS AHEAD) We know that Mysterio is a bad guy who doesn’t really have any superpower except maybe his intelligence and his short, nasty temper. Advertising

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Jacob Batalon as Ned is the saving grace of the movie. At the surface level, balancing love, hormones, school life and superhero responsibilities sounds like the perfect ‘masala’ entertainer. We are just shown a tech guy doing his tech stuff by way of explanation. 0
Comment(s) Mysterio uses illusions to fight Spider-Man, but how do they work? What’s sweet about the sequel is that the MJ-Peter Parker love story is developed further and we see more of the charismatic Zendaya on screen. You are not scared of him and neither do you fear for your hero, the admirable Spider-Man. Advertising

Spider-Man: Homecoming was easier to get on board with, as far as the narrative is concerned. While the action sequences and visual effects are attractive enough, the story which binds these threads isn’t. There are quite a few easy-to-spot loopholes.