TV Rewind | Dead Set: Charlie Brooker’s pre-Black Mirror days were just as intense

In the wake of a zombie apocalypse, the only ones safe are the ones inside a reality show. Dead Set gave the gift of the talented Riz Ahmed, and this was the show that prompted Channel 4 to plan an anthology series with Brooker, which later became Black Mirror. Advertising

Dead Set is spread across 5 episodes and was broadcast for five consecutive nights when it first premiered on television. Characters have conflicting viewpoints as to how they can escape but they continue to treat it like a task of the game by indulging in petty politics and sacrificing a few of their mates to the zombies. Only a few manage to survive apart from the contestants in the house. The crowd is chanting contestants’ names but a zombie outbreak changes everything within a few minutes. TV Rewind: Dexter | Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip | The Office | Parks and Recreation | Fringe | Broadchurch | Seinfeld | Lost | Mad Men | Sex and the City
Dead Set is streaming on Netflix. The final act here is to watch out for as it strongly talks about the negotiating nature of humans. The contestants are unaware of the events outside the house but even after they are told the truth by a producer who has managed to stay hidden, they think of her to be a wildcard contestant. The five episodes have a duration of a little over 2 hours in total, making it a perfect binge-worthy series. The first episode starts as the eviction is about to take place on the reality show. Advertising

Dead Set is crisp storytelling at its best. Here, Brooker introduces us to his signature dark humour which is now synonymous with him. 0
Comment(s) The ones inside are pretty much the only survivors and now their journey inside the Big Brother’s house takes on another meaning. Since this is a survival horror drama, there is no unnecessary time spent in establishing subplots as there is nothing but safety on the characters’ minds.