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Her entire story arc was so bizarre that it was difficult to believe her word. Played by Michael C Hall, here the titular character only killed people who had slipped through the justice system. The show’s finale drew a lot of criticism and in my opinion, it deserved so. So, even when she had been through her so-called redemption arc, you never really felt for the character. The premise was novel, and the character’s morality fell into a grey area, thus making him the man that the world was watching closely. The moral conundrum, the voice over that constantly dictated his state of mind and even his job description – a blood spatter analyst, all of this made Dexter Morgan an interesting fellow. The Trinity Killer’s story arc gave the show its best season. Lost, How I Met Your Mother and more recently Game of Thrones, all had a tricky time with their finale and the same was the case with Dexter. The audience came to root for a serial killer only because the people he is killing are somehow worse. Advertising

Dexter’s kill room in the show had a set pattern. So, when the finale yanked us out of that story, it came as a shock. While it was an interesting case in itself, it helped the audience understand the lead character’s background. More Explained

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It’s hard to forgive ‘that’ finale. The only human side that we could see was his wish to see his son in a safe place. Another character that made the audience question the makers was Hannah. His procedure to kill his prey made for some gory but interesting television. Someone who had enough material to carry a show on his shoulders. Dexter premiered in 2006 and while this wasn’t the first time that we were watching a show with a serial killer, this surely was the only show where the serial killer was a vigilante. By the end, we had come to accept Dexter’s demons. Best parts of the show
Dexter opened with a strong plot in its first season, the Ice Truck Killer. What works for the show? In John Lithgow’s Trinity Killer, the show delivered its highest-rated episodes. Dexter usually got caught up in her mess and for most parts, she usually pulled the show down. Overall, the show went down after the fourth season. The later seasons were developed by the makers independently. 0
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Dexter’s constant companion through the show was his half-sister Debra but to the audience, she was usually the one who spoiled the party. The sixth season with the Doomsday Killers was so off by the show’s standards that it drew a lot of criticism. TV Rewind: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip | The Office | Parks and Recreation | Fringe | Broadchurch | Seinfeld | Lost | Mad Men | Sex and the City


Through its eight-season run, Dexter went through a lot of ups and downs but for the first four seasons of its run, the show made for some fine television. Her presence hindered the plot progression and it became a burden soon after her revelation of having romantic feelings for her half-brother, which wasn’t that much of a surprise. The plot of the fourth season was designed to test the lead character and while we followed his story, the show also gave us one of the best characters in Arthur Mitchell. Advertising

The show’s first season was based on the book titled Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. That finale
In the history of popular TV shows, there are many that have received a polarising response for their finale. Debra Morgan here is a strong reminder of Skyler White. The premise was gripping and like many other good crime shows, the makers here knew when to make plot revelations to hook the audience
From Seasons 1-4, Dexter had a great time. With the finale here, the show peaked and of course, there was no way but down after this.