Women in Charlie’s Angels use their brains, wits: Elizabeth Banks

Whatever makes her feel best coming to set. “We don’t really (sexualise). 0
Comment(s) We play with that trope and then we dismiss it pretty early on in the movie. Advertising

She said her version of the movie is more about women working together. That was how we approached most of the action sequences in the movie. Advertising

The 42-year-old actor-director, who plays Bosley on the much-anticipated film, said she wanted to make her actors feel “awesome and comfortable” on the sets. The women in this film use their brains and their wits. We had a mantra which was we are going to fight smarter, not harder. “The women in the film, for instance, I had another mantra on set which was everybody gets to wear what they feel awesome and comfortable wearing and what they want to strut around in this movie. But the movie is really about the women working together and solving a crime story and helping Naomi Scott’s character take down a big corporation.” 
Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska star as the three angels. “There’s not a big romance particularly in the movie – we have a little romance in the movie. That was the attitude we had about how we shot the film,” Banks told Collider.