Yesterday actor Himesh Patel: Danny Boyle is a poet of cinema

Comment(s) The actor believes that the younger generation will get introduced to the music of The Beatles via Yesterday. Advertising

He said, “Yesterday serves as an introduction to a lot of young people who haven’t had the privilege of listening to The Beatles. He ultimately decides to take the opportunity to pass their music off as his own,” he said. Advertising

Talking about working with Boyle, Patel said, “Danny had so much energy and enthusiasm on set, you couldn’t help but be inspired by him. Both people who are diehard fans and those who are new to the music will appreciate the film for different reasons, but it affirms the magic of their music for all audiences.”
In the movie, Himesh Patel’s character Jack passes off The Beatles’ music as his own. That fed into how I felt when I walked on set—completely supported and able to talk to him about anything. “Jack is an aspiring singer and songwriter who’s been trying to make it for a while. Yesterday releases in India on July 12. Much like what Bohemian Rhapsody (the movie) did for Queen, Patel believes that Yesterday will do the same for The Beatles. After he realizes he’s living in a world where The Beatles never existed, Jack is faced with a conundrum. I learned an awful lot from him, not only as an actor but as a person.”
“Danny is a poet of cinema. He did things with the camera that no one expected,” Himesh Patel added.