Amitabh Bachchan on KBC Karamveer: Their stories stay with me for long

And it does get reflected in some other things I do.”
Lauding viewers for lending help to various social causes discussed on KBC, the superstar said, “Many people after watching the show write to us to seek how they can be of any assistance. Sometimes they break into tears or start dancing. “My shoot for Karamveer was an unbelievable experience. They are breathtakingly innovative in how they have conducted life and finally managed to come here.”
The 76-year-old further shared how contestants get emotional when they win the chance to be on the hot seat. All these stories leave you emotional and also motivate you. Not just the viewers but the live audience we have in the studio. 0
Comment(s) I have lived with their stories, and it has not only impacted me but many others too. While the government has been supporting these issues, it’s wonderful to see people come together and take an initiative during a crisis. He said, “Many times you must have seen when they win the fastest finger first, they break into so much emotions. It’s not easy. I have had fans writing that they don’t have too much money but they still want to contribute in whatever means they can. Advertising kickstarted the question-answer session by asking senior Bachchan about his emotions on the first day of shoot every season. It’s fearful to be in front of a live audience.”
Starting August 19, Kaun Banega Crorepati 11 will air on Sony TV. And then these young people not only gave them shelter but became foster guardians to them. With a broad smile, the thespian said, “It’s the opportunity of meeting contestants and knowing their stories. We also had an international award winner, who spoke about the issue of child labour. So, I feel the least I can do after the show finishes is click a photograph with them or shake hands with them. We have had acid attack victims come on stage and open up about their ordeal. They are so emotional. That’s the first emotion I experience.”
Big B added, “And then I want to work towards how the show is reaching out to the audience. Then they are briefed on what to do, how to behave. They can’t talk or leave the set and have to sit here for straight four-five hours. We had a man talk about rescuing girls from prostitution in Banaras. You know, like where they have come from, what kind of conditions they have lived in their life and what they aspire to become or be. It just shows how they have been waiting for this moment. They are the ones I am really scared of. We witnessed stories of parents who were thrown out of their house by their kids. I must admit when I go back home after the shoot, these interactions stay with me for a long time. They are a very important part of the show as they are the ones who motivate and cheer for the contestants when they are on the hot seat.”


The Thugs of Hindustan actor also spoke about Karamveer, the new feature on KBC that has real-life heroes participating in the game for a cause. The discussions affect the audience and make a difference in their lives. All these really motivate me.”
When another scribe asked Amitabh Bachchan on what makes him so candid with the studio audience, the actor replied, “They are brought in here at seven or eight in the morning. It’s wonderful that as a show and channel we can aide that. For me, as the host, I just hope that the emotion they have brought along gets translated on the hot-seat and helps them to win what they have worked for so long.