Annup Sonii: Took a break from Crime Patrol to focus on acting

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After playing a negative role in ZEE5’s Bombers recently, Sonii will also be seen in the Hindi remake of Prasthanam, Kunal Kohli film Ramyug, Netflix show Baahubali: Before The Beginning, AltBalaji’s Test Case 2 and Red Chillies’ film ’83, among more. Q. Criminal uthana chahate hai apke bharose ka fayda. Whether I am in four scenes or five scenes, doesn’t make any difference. Here are excerpts from the conversation:
Q. What am I doing in the story is important. Hence, I took a break for one year until I felt that I am in the flow and can give limited number of days to Crime Patrol and focus on my acting too. Q. More Explained

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Q. What I do and what happens with my character kind of takes the story forward. I am starting Crime Patrol again with a very good arrangement with my channel of working for a limited number of days. How did things work out this time? So, he is trying all his tactics. Obviously as far as expectations are concerned, the whole scheme of filmmaking is as big as the film. I am also a common man. We all have a little bit of grey in us. I am happy people have offered me very different roles which audience has not seen me in. I was not playing any character. So what has been more challenging – hosting a show or acting? But connectivity with the film will definitely be there. In an exclusive chat with, Annup Sonii revealed what to expect from him in the coming months. Q. But I won’t say that I am the hero because obviously there is Sanjay Dutt, Manisha Koirala, Jackie Shroff, Ali Fazal, but yes, when I sign a role, I tell the makers not to narrate me my role, rather to narrate the story. Advertising

I really have no answer about the challenges because I personally feel that as a kid, I always wanted to be an actor. How does it feel? So at least I know where I stand in it. Q. I always feel a negative role doesn’t mean a bad guy. Popular Photos

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Annup Sonii played a local politician in ZEE5’s Bombers. I was skeptical that due to the kind of image I have, people should not keep casting me only as cops or in a good guy role. So, I try to play characters in a way where I feel that it should be connected with the audience in a very realistic way. In anchoring, people were talking to Annup Sonii. The good part about the story is that it is a prequel of what you saw. You even have Kunal Kohli’s film Ramyug which is adapted from the Ramayana. Won’t that be too many costume dramas? In his own way, whatever he is doing, he is justified. But Crime Patrol holds an important place in your career. And what I am talking about can happen with me also. You are returning to Crime Patrol after over a year. Luckily, it worked perfectly. In Bombers, I am playing a guy who wants to grab a land. You are also a part of Baahubali: Before The Beginning on Netflix. Advertising

I was too busy with my commitment to Crime Patrol till early 2018, so I couldn’t take up any acting assignments. How was it working in another big film, Prasthanam? Crime Patrol is and will always be a very important part of my career. The concept was very clear that we just want to make people aware and I was clear that I want to talk to the audience not as somebody who is too intelligent, but as part of the audience. I was very clear from the beginning that I don’t want to do it as somebody who is trying to sensationalize the whole crime situation. Crime aur aap mein utna farak hai jitne aap Satark hai. It has all fresh characters and a storyline which people will love. 0
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Q. Because a lot of times when somebody is narrating your role, it sounds as if you are there in every scene. Your negative avatar in Bombers has been received well by the audience. When I play a character or when I anchor, it is just the honesty that works. Considering anything around Baahubali comes with huge expectations, are you nervous?