Comicstaan 2 winner Samay Raina: It was strategy to save my best for the last

So now we both have one each. 0
Comment(s) I had no experience of acting and so it was the most challening part. I gave my best and the strategy worked for me. The sketch round. Advertising

Anything you learnt from your co-winner Aakash Gupta? I am also getting new opportunities and it’s all going good. I learnt a lot from everyone. Aakash Gupta was a competition for sure. Also, Shreeja Chaturvedi was tough but she didn’t reach the finale, so competition automatically decreased. Let’s see what life holds ahead for me. Popular Photos

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Since you and Aakash both won, who gets to keep the trophy? (Laughs) The day the winner was announced, there was one trophy but they eventually made another one. Why did you participate in Comicstaan 2? Who do you think was a tough competition for you? It was a tight set and I was sure I would at least end in the top three with that. Because I wanted my voice to be heard. He is a master of act out and voice modulation, and I did learn that from him. Hosted by Abish Mathew and Urooj Shaikh, Comicstaan 2 had Biswa Kalyan Rath, Kanan Gill, Kenny Sebastian, Kaneez Surka, Sumukhi Suresh and Zakir Khan and Neeti Palta as the mentor-judges. I think I managed to do that as people are coming for my shows. I wanted to connect with people and showcase my style. I had planned to keep my best act for my final performance. He was a dark horse and could have beaten all of us. As for Aakash, I did get to learn how to use the entire body on stage. But even Sumit Sourav was an unpredictable contestant. Advertising

I always wanted to win it. Which has been the toughest round for you?