Mission Mangal actor Akshay Kumar: Things are changing in India

You just have to accept it, be bold, face it and get ready for what is coming next. We have seen these mistakes from childhood. I am doing Housefull 4. I was reading somewhere that the Indian government earlier would allot 2 to 3 percent budget to space science, and now they are allotting 18 percent. Things are changing in India. At times, something else works out. In the thirty years that I have worked, I have realised that nothing can replace hard work, but luck also plays an important part. I remember the voice ‘gaya, gaya, gaya, gaya’, and then ‘aa gaya, aa gaya, aa gaya’. The best way to cope with all this is that I keep on working. I told him how much I loved the idea. I want to do all kind of films as an actor and entertainer. Where my films worked, didn’t work and worked again. This government is going to concentrate a lot on space science, and that’s why we see so many space projects and missions taking place. It happens to every one of us. Advertising

While promoting his Independence Day release, Akshay spoke about his success ratio, the changes that the government is bringing in space science and the importance of women leads in Hindi films. I asked him why he was not working on that story, and suggested he should. I remember how people spoke about me. Popular Photos

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Q. We have a woman Finance Minister today. He came back to me after twenty days to inform me that he is working on it. The directors’ vision is different as they know what they want from a character. I believe in 70 percent luck and 30 percent hard work. There have been times when I have watched and loved a film. Q. Then how did you happen to do this film? It is just how after night comes a day, and after day comes a night. Things are going to change further, so it is best to stand behind them and clap. Advertising

No. But then he happened to tell me about his sister who is a scientist and how she was talking to him about ISRO and their Mars Orbiter Mission. Q. Right now it is working, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I go back to my films not working. We have had ISRO for the last fifty years, but we hardly used to talk about it, and now it has suddenly taken off. But when I became a producer, I started doing films like that. He had come to me with a different script. He went back and wrote the story. I enjoy doing these kind of films also. I thought about this change taking place a long back, but I didn’t have the money to make films. Do you think that is changing now and our young scientists are investing their energies and expertise in ISRO? Jagan Shakti had come to you with a different script, and not Mission Mangal. It is as scientific as it can get. That’s it. I can look at it differently but it might come from my experience, which might not work for the character I am portraying. With your film choices, you have shown that you pick your scripts responsibly. Every actor is different and I think this is just my way of working. Some go through these phases in their careers, others in their personal life. We are still working on it. How do you react to this tag? Everybody has a different way of approaching things. I don’t want you to think ‘what kind of film he is doing?’ when you watch that. Do you also think things are changing with more women led stories in our Hindi film industry? She also handled the Defence Ministry. I enjoy Housefull, Rowdy Rathore, Sooryavanshi and Bachchan Pandey too. It doesn’t matter what kind of work it is, a woman can do it. There is no other way out. This happens, and it is a part of life. We are trained like that. Here are excerpts from the conversation:
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Also, it is great to see how many women are taking up the profession of a scientist. I enjoy my work. I have no idea. There is no guarantee for anything. Everything else was shown as if only men were at work and changing the world. I don’t know how many people agree with me on that, but luck also makes a lot of difference. I was not a producer. Already there are so many movies that have been made where woman have the lead roles. I don’t want to be stuck in an image where people think I am doing responsible films. If you see our textbooks also, we never had a chapter where a woman is doing anything. I thought it will break records and it doesn’t. Advertising

I still remember the time when I had fourteen to fifteen flops. But as I was telling you, things have to change, and you will see how more and more films will have women leads. They need to change further. So, it is best, according to me, to follow the director’s vision. We have had a lot of Indian scientists going to NASA to pursue their space science dreams. Q. But now things are changing. Of course, I am responsible, but more than anything else I want to play different characters in different movies. Earlier if a girl said that she wanted to become a scientist or an engineer, people would say that it is a man’s job. He wrote it along with R Balki and that’s how we rolled. If you look at my career, I have been there thrice. Q. 0
Comment(s) So, the whole build-up has been like that. You have become one of the most bankable stars in Bollywood. A lot of actors talk about how they prepare for their roles, but you have always maintained that you are a director’s actor. She can become whatever she wants to be, an engineer, a scientist or a police officer.