Rakhi Sawant ties the knot with fan from UK

When asked why she kept her marriage a secret, Sawant said, “I was worried as I have seen how earlier women in the industry wouldn’t get work if people came to know that they were married. Ritesh is a respectable businessman and doesn’t want to be seen in media right now. But this one day, I was feeling very low and a fan messaged me asking, ‘Why I am so low?’ I was stunned! About her wedding, Sawant said, “I had a Christian wedding and a Hindu wedding. I knew that day that I will marry him one day,” she said. But I do item numbers. Back then when Deepak and I played that prank, Ritesh had not proposed to me. But I think I have to keep that behind me as I am a very happy woman today. I have married my fan. So, I asked him how he figured that I am feeling that way. I didn’t know if I would get work if people came to know that I am a married woman now. I always dreamt of having a beautiful wedding day and I finally did. She added, “Working women don’t have too much time. To which he said, ‘I have been your fan for long enough to understand how you feel.’ I just fell for him. When it comes to big actresses like Deepika and Priyanka, it is okay if they declare their marriages as they always get work. I got married to the man of my dreams.”


Rakhi Sawant, who dated Ritesh for a year, tied the knot on July 28 at a five-star hotel in Andheri, Mumbai. We pulled a prank and I didn’t know that prank would one day get me married off to Ritesh. “I get hundreds of messages from fans every day. Deepak Kalal is like my brother. My body clock is ticking as I am 33.”

Comment(s) A fan who loved me truly.”
Rakhi Sawant revealed that Ritesh is a 36-year-old UK based businessman. But then he got a little insecure and asked me to marry him.”
Rakhi Sawant concluded by saying she plans to have babies by 2020 and wants to have triplets like Farah Khan. He will be ready to face the media by then.”
When we asked if this marriage announcement was one of her stunts, she said, “This time it is different. Advertising

Sawant said, “I love him. He has promised me that when we have babies, we will have a baby photoshoot.