Ranarangam actor Kalyani Priyadarshan: I love gangster movies

I love gangster movies and I always wanted to hold a gun. Q. The whole film is about Sharwa’s character. My character also grows (in the film). Advertising

I asked him first for a part in Marakkar. We have all seen movies about the growth of a don. To be honest, I grew up watching a lot of Tamil and Malayalam movies. I know that as an actor I will improve a lot if I also start working in those languages. It is his life, growth, and everything. Q. How was your experience of shooting for the portions set in the 90s? What convinced you to accept Ranarangam? That’s why I have signed two other films in those languages. It is one such film but Sudheer has conceptualised it differently. Telugu is still a little new to me. It was such an easy language (Malayalam) for me, but I couldn’t even remember the lines because my father was standing there with a mic. I almost fainted and the whole set could feel my heartbeat. I had a very good narration and it felt like the screenplay was something different. I don’t want to work with my dad (Priyadarshan) again. I grew up watching the films (of the past era) on TV. You will watch Geetha’s character evolve in the film. I have played an extended cameo in the film. If it weren’t for my character, people would have never seen the lovable side of him. It was interesting because I always thought, “Oh, I wish I was born and lived at that time!” I got the chance to go back in time with Ranarangam. So, he is seen as an intense character throughout the film. We had decided that for the first five movies, we will not work together. Q. You will understand what I am saying when you watch the film. 0
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Q. How did you prepare for your role? Did you ask for a role in the film or were you offered it? How is your role in this film going to be different from your earlier characters? More Explained

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My character in Ranarangam has a certain level of maturity. Will you take more offers from the Telugu film industry? The movie is set in the early 90s. Are you a fan of gangster movies? Advertising

Yes, definitely! The work of all these artistes and the roles they played around those times inspired me a lot. For this film, I went with my gut. The narration goes back and forth. He prayed and all for my first shot. Even for him. My character is his character’s only weakness. Q. Since the film revolves around Sharwanand’s character, do you think the film gave you enough scope to perform? I don’t know how to explain it. So, for me, my inspiration was the work done by my mom (Lissy) and by yesteryear actors such as Shobhana Ma’am. I liked most of Scorsese and Tarantino films. Junnu (Hello) and Lahari (Chitralahari) don’t have the kind of maturity that Geetha has. Q. Q. Q. I want to explore that as well. Sudheer Varma sir was able to make it come together very interestingly. It was an amazing experience. As an actor, I should develop versatility and hence I need to start exploring all of that. Tell us about your character in the movie. Q. I realised that it’s too much pressure. Tell us about Marakkar: Arabikadalinte Simham. Because the film spans over 20 years of a person’s life. Even though, technically, Kill Bill was not a gangster movie, it is one of my favourite films because of the female lead. What is this movie about? That’s why I wanted to play Geetha. Q. Advertising

Ahead of the film’s release on August 15, Kalyani discussed her character, future projects and the pressure she was under while working with her father Priyadarshan in her debut Malayalam film. Q.