Roadies Real Heroes winner Arun Sharma: My gang leader Raftaar played an important role in my journey

Excerpts from the conversation:
Q. While there is a lot of talent there they don’t have the confidence to compete. I have always wanted to get into acting. I felt like joining a school mid-semester where teachers already have their favourites, friends don’t want outsiders in the group. Q. 0
Comment(s) Raftaar sir always felt that I could win the show and he kept telling me that. It was an amazing and fun filled journey for me. What’s next for you? I decided that I will now focus on just the tasks rather than getting involved in politics like others. Honestly, the day my whole gang got voted out, I realised that nobody is with us. And this is why I was targetted every time. Advertising

Q. I want to set an example for them that if I can, they too can go ahead and fulfill all their dreams. They also build alliance and strategies that sometimes work, sometimes don’t. Also, I am actively involved with an NGO back in my hometown. What were his first words after you were announced the winner? After I won the first task, he told me that don’t let success go to your head. The other big moment for me was when out of 10 votes, nine were against me during the first vote out. I have already received some web series offers, let’s see how it goes ahead. How important is a gang leader’s role in the show? This was Raftaar’s big win also. Though he did say that if I won, I would be creating history for it would be his first win and also the first time that a wildcard will take the title. I was lucky that because of the twist, I got saved. Thankfully, I could manage to do the tasks well and win immunities to secure my place in the journey. It’s funny that he once told me that he will never appreciate me on the journey as he didn’t want me to get targetted. Q. I come from a small town in Kashmir. The sad part is that gang leaders also have their favourites, sometimes apart from their gangs. I did get selected for the culling round but couldn’t go on the journey. It was a big revelation for me and I knew it was going to be a one-man army for me. Not after the task, but before that, he told me to give my best without worrying about the results. I don’t know about others but Raftaar sir played a very important role in my journey. I had no clue that I will get another chance as a wildcard in the show. And that contestant gets a lot of push which can change the game. How was your Roadies Real Heroes experience? What has been the game-changing moment for you? Advertising

Post his victory, Arun Sharma spoke exclusively to about his journey, the role of his gang leader Raftaar and his future plans. It was definitely tough to find a place in the show. Q.