Sacred Games is built around how power has always used religion: Anurag Kashyap

Vikramaditya Motwane: We wanted Sartaj to be on his own, without any support system, as much as possible. It’s opening up a bit more. The idea was to make a double to run half the way up the building. Saif Ali Khan reprises his role as Sartaj Singh in Sacred Games season 2. Advertising

Vikramaditya Motwane: The pressure was mainly in terms of time. In this season, the sociopolitical narrative gets more intense. Advertising

After the success of the first season of Sacred Games, was there a pressure on you while working on the second season? However, he was a sweetheart. I knew if Nawaz touches water, he won’t do it. Varun Grover: The same thing if you had watched 10 months earlier, probably wouldn’t have had the same impact. 0
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Varun Grover: The popularity of these lines was surprising. What you see gets amplified because it is more contemporary. This involved writing prep, shoot and post-production. We had more than a year to write Season I. We had to deliver this season within a year. Some characters who had died in the previous season are back. It’s built around how power has always used religion; the role of religion in a whole lot of things and how it gets misused. We had to strive for better quality in less time. Some stand-up comedians even asked me if we wrote them keeping memes in mind. For instance, Radhika Apte’s character screaming at Sartaj over the phone: “Tum mordon ko aisa kyun lagta hai ki har aurat ko bachana hai (Why do men believe that they have to save every woman)”. Neeraj Ghaywan: We had five takes of the scene with Saif and we ended up using the first one. Varun Grover: Whichever characters are required for the plot, are there. Neeraj Ghaywan: The timelines are merging. Anurag Kashyap: Every character died at the right time — just when you were falling in love with them. Those who are crucial to Gaitonde’s journey will be there. I love to find humour in any kind of space. Anurag Kashyap: Neeraj’s world is emotionally so potent. We didn’t have the luxury of mulling over it and we couldn’t work out a middle ground. Also, when you are working on a tight schedule, you have to take such calls. The story is coming to a point where the resonance becomes stronger. We almost threw him into the sea and told him that to get the towel he has to swim to the shore. Varun Grover: We had a split verdict over her death, otherwise we were on the same page. Will this season be generating that too? Till the time we edited the scene, I argued with Vikramaditya to save her. In the season one, we had to hold back a few things. Neeraj Ghaywan: I agree. Otherwise, they are not coming back. He had it harder. But Saif ran all the way up himself. How did you shoot the scenes showing Saif Ali Khan running up to the terrace of a four-storied building and having a fight in one take, or Nawazuddin Siddiqui swimming in the ocean? How much ever I tried, I couldn’t have it as Sartaj is in the middle of a serious investigation. More Explained

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The killing of Anjali Mathur (played by Radhika Apte) was unfair and abrupt. With the story of 12 days remaining, we could not have shown her up and solving the case after being shot in the head. Some of them are alive in Gaitonde’s timeline, which is in the past, and not in Sartaj’s timeline. Some random lines too became memes. Understand various links. His one day is my one year. Anurag Kashyap: We obviously have to put the show and time in context. Vikramaditya Motwane: Now you understand a bit more of what’s sacred in the game. The novel on which the series is based has a similar narrative. Neeraj Ghaywan: There were multiple pressures — from the pressure of working with the people whose work you look up to; not failing them since you admire them and working with a star, Saif Ali Khan. Advertising

Anurag Kashyap: The scene with Nawaz was shot at the sea near South Africa. Varun Grover: During the first season, we didn’t know how big this will get. Voice-over helps my narrative and I keep finding humour as I have more freedom. The Season I trailer still has got around one million hits while the second season’s trailer has touched 12 million within two weeks of its release. At seven degrees, the water was freezing. The dialogues of last season had a life of their own as they became fodder for memes. However, the unannounced killing of her was the whole point that the writer wanted to show. Things have changed too. Neeraj Ghaywan: Sadly, my world does not have much humour. Is it intentional? But the bullet was in her head not hand, leg or tummy that we could show she had a surgery. There are some interesting scenes.