South Stream: Kamal Haasan’s ‘Divine Comedy’ Anbe Sivam

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In the course of his journey with Sivam, Aras is exposed to brutal human conditions and harshest realities of human existence. 0
Comment(s) He goes to Aras and makes jokes about the incident. He loses everything. A man-child from a wealthy family, who is completely detached from the ground-reality of his home country. Thus begins a journey of self-discovery of Aras. Sivam bears several scars on his face, his right-hand does not function normally and he walks with a limp. His contribution to the film industry both on and off-screen is insurmountable. In short, he is in hell. Or does he? Notice the television advertisement that was shot by Aras. He is an uncomfortable presence in the “clean” and “pure” world of Aras. Little does Aras know that his bubble is about to be popped by a hard-core communist, Nallasivam alias Sivam (an inspiring Kamal Haasan). Shaale, Kasaragodu, Koduge: Ramanna Rai | Sudani from Nigeria


Anbe Sivam is available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Google Play Movies. He has rechristened himself as A. Anbe Sivam is one such of the gems from Kamal’s impeccable resume that was underappreciated and underrated when released in 2003. Sivam is reborn from the accident, takes on a new shape and restarts his journey, which is enriching the lives of others. Say, Aras is Dante in The Divine Comedy and Sivam is the stand-in for the Roman poet Virgil, who guides him through hell and purgatory before he takes the hand of his lady love and steps into the heaven. Not all his noble efforts fetched desired results. Years later, the film developed a passionate fan base after it was repeatedly aired on television. In a freak road accident, Sivam barely survives and his love interest Balasaraswathi (Kiran Rathod) moves on thinking he is dead. Traditionally, in mainstream cinema around the world, the heroine is killed off, so that she won’t slow down or hinder the hero on his journey. He doesn’t like ‘Anbu’ (compassion). As fate would have it, Aras has no option but to share a hotel room with Sivam. Aras, an ad-filmmaker. He is one of those guys who judge a book by its cover. And, Sivam goes forth on his own as he doesn’t want to pull her back or hinder her journey. The film reminds us of the power of compassion and the battles we can conquer by empathising with fellow human beings. In the film, he represents capitalism. Pra. Aras mistakes Sivam for a terrorist, no less. Also Read | South Stream: Joker | Ishq | Michael Madana Kama Rajan | Kumbalangi Nights | Pariyerum Perumal | Sarkari Hi. By the look of it, it is a road trip/buddy comedy/coming-of-age film. But, not with vengeance or hatred. I could imagine Sivam continuing his journey of changing the world one person at a time. He pushed boundaries of filmmaking, set high standards for cinema in India, goaded the audience into appreciating good cinema and artists. The accident leaves scars on his face, causes irreparable damages to his body, and his love is taken away from him. Anbarasu (R. The entire film is, more or less, a non-stop negotiation to find a middle-ground between capitalism and communism. And he even informs the cops at the Bhubaneswar airport. Advertising

The 100 plus years of Indian cinema would not have been the same without Kamal. Director Sundar C has made the film from Kamal’s script. But when you dig a little deeper, you unearth a layered, meaningful and philosophical drama. Advertising

Kamal Haasan in Anbe Sivam. Madhavan) has a problem with his name. More Explained

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Evil capitalist Kandasamy Padayatchi (Nassar), who orders murders in the same breath he remembers God, guilt-ridden stray dogs, rebellious and outspoken women, a gullible corporate slave, Kamal fills up the film with wonderful characters, that have deeper meaning than what appears on the surface. What’s a better way than re-watching this film as a tribute to the passion and the hard work of a true artist. Hence, several of his films were declared failures. Kamal, the writer, however, subverts that trope by “killing” the hero in this film. The film ends with an image of Sivam walking away with his pet dog after guiding Anbarasu to safety. Due to torrential rains and heavy floods, the flights are cancelled and Aras is forced to stay back in Bhubaneswar. After getting a clean chit by the cops, Sivam confronts Aras. It is for a glass brand, which highlights, of course, “clean” and “pure” aspects of the product. Dear Kamal, make a sequel to Anbe Sivam already. Most of the films were way ahead of their times.