The Doorbeen song Prada: Lamberghini duo delivers again

This is not to say that the song is the greatest song ever written. The song’s heavy bass only adds to the appeal and keeps the song firmly on repeat. The song is poised to become, as The Doorbeen describe, the club banger of the year. It has big sets, bright colours, elaborate choreography and multiple costume changes. This song, much like “Lamberghini”, has an incredibly catchy hook. It is simply incredibly good at what it does. 0
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If there is one thing that The Doorbeen excel at, it is making a catchy song. The video with Alia Bhatt is standard music video fare. Shreya Sharma’s chorus sinks its teeth into you and does not let go. The Doorbeen have mastered how to make a song for the club which gets stuck in your head.