TV Rewind | Arrested Development: The smart comedy that had a painful end

The show was unceremoniously shut by Fox but with the growing digital streamers, their fan base started demanding more seasons and so they delivered. Arrested Development was an instant hit with the awards circuit but not so much with the ratings. Not relying on slapstick humour or the kind where a particularly funny person mouths funny lines, here, the show celebrated its absurdity and it gave out comedy gold. Every character here had a significant personality and none of them could be ignored. What works for the show? The show faced a sudden death but it was probably better for them to stay in the grave than re-incarnate on Netflix. The writing of the show is its sharpest weapon. The Netflix revival
Arrested Development’s fan base grew manifold after the show wrapped up its original run. In fact, now the show’s reputation is tainted as the new viewers chance upon those confused seasons first before landing on the original ones. The later seasons feel lethargic, don’t have as much spunk as the original episodes and they now feel like a show that is overstaying its welcome. For those who haven’t seen it, Arrested Development is the story of the dysfunctional Bluth family where Jason Bateman’s Michael is the sole voice of reason. When it comes to callbacks, Arrested Development isn’t shy of referring to long-running gags and some of them, like the chicken dance, money in the banana stand, the blue man group, continue to be hilarious till day. More Explained

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The idea of reboots and revamps sounds good on paper as it promises to cash in on all the nostalgia but to milk that emotion, the content has to be superlative as well which sadly wasn’t the case here. Michael Cera’s George Michael, Tony Hale’s Buster, Will Arnett’s Gob, Jessica Walter’s Lucille and all the characters here are independently funny and even when they come together, they don’t rely on their banter to hunt for punchlines. The show was quite self-aware in its nature so they mocked their unsure place at the network quite often but through it all, they never faced bad episodes (for their original run). Advertising

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Comment(s) Joe and Anthony Russo were producers on the show and even won an Emmy for directing one of the episodes. Advertising

In the era when shows like Friends and Two and a Half Men were enjoying their monstrous success, the comedy of Arrested Development wasn’t as massy, rather it relied on the audience’s attention to make them laugh. The casting here was top notch, with the lead as well as the supporting actors. The show was picked by Netflix for two seasons (Season 4 and two-part Season 5) but this has not helped its case. Advertising

There’s no canned laughter and no awkward pauses for the audience to acknowledge a joke. Every character is more eccentric than the previous one. What is Arrested Development about? The sarcastic narrator, the preview that never appears in the next episode were all choices that were made consciously by creator Mitchell Hurwitz and added an extra element of genius to the show. Popular Photos

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After the original run, Arrested Development lost its steam. With ample callbacks and humour that did not require canned laughter, Arrested Development was way ahead of its time.