Champion Jack Dupree – Drunk Again Lyrics

Make all the folks think you so hot? I don’t know what it is
But whatever it is, it sure is
And I love it
But listen here
I’m gonna sing you another tune, honey
C-U-E-E, “tune”
Now listen
You wake up in the morning
Looking like a old dish-rag
You look in the face
Like one of them old sea hag
When you drunk
Yes, when you’re drunk
J-U-N, “drunk”, honey
When you drunk, mama
You don’t remember a thing you said
An here’s one I don’t like at all
Where you work one day
You lay off for weeks
Everytime I find you in that bar across the street
When you drunk
Yes, baby, you drunk
Still drinkin’
Yes, you drunk, mama
You don’t remember a thing you said
Now listen here
You told me you loved me
And I believed you
I didn’t know what you been drinkin’
But your breath smell like you been chewin’ chitlins or something like that
Either chewing chitlins or drinking bedbug juice
But this here is your last tune I’m gonna sing you now
Pay attention to me and lean up off of me now
There you go
Well you stay drunk so long you got me contact high
Start drinking in December and you drink until July
You be drunk
Yes, you be drunk
You be drunk, mama
You don’t remember a thing you said
Kiss me, baby Drunk again
Oh, here you come again
That ol’ juice-head woman
You drunk again
J-U-N, “drunk”
I mean, good and drunk
Comin’ right on in here
Come on, baby
Coming down the street with your hair in your hand
All them folks out there lookin’ at you
Come on and set down here by the piano
Put your hair up on the piano
Ain’t no one gonna bother it ’cause we all lookin’
Just sit down while I sing you this tune
C-U-N-E, “chune”
While I sing it to you
Ain’t no use you drinkin’
Join the crowd [??]
I had to move last night
’cause you hollered so loud
You was drunk
Yeah, baby, you was drunk
J-U-N, “drunk”
You was drunk, mama
Yes, you don’t remember a thing you said
Look here, baby
What is that you got?