Higher Power – Between Concrete And Sky Lyrics

I have never felt such frustration
As I lose count of the days that I tried
But you, you drag me under
It’s like a f**king disease
I’m losing myself in negativity around every corner
This self-doubt follows me
I try to rise
But when I look down
My feet are firmly on the ground
And I can’t dissolve your control
If you find a god
Please tell him that my brothers have all gone mad
We’re all trying to kill each other
And my spirits trapped between the concrete and the sky
Inbetween birth and death
It’s just a struggle to survive
Over and over and over and over again
I feel like I’ve reached the end
Your pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing but
My will to fight still burns
Coz I got to find a better way
But I fear it’s getting too late
I look around
I look down
And my feet are firmly on the ground