Ivy Sole – Malika Lyrics (feat. K Ru & Dev*)

The vibe we created to get rid of all the hatred
Love. [Chorus]
The vibe when you walk in the room is like, all eyes on me
And the way that you shine, got a light so divine it’s like, all I can see is you got that…
You got that feel good, feel good baby
[Verse 1: K-Ru]
You’re in a different league, tryna see at your level
But I be 5000 meters deep
And I wonder if I’ll ever get to see treble or stay stuck at the base with nothing awesome to chase
‘Cuz when you walk in this place, got a brother feeling all falls into place
Got a brother seeming all calm in the face but my mind’s been tweaking seeking all your embrace
Let’s face it, you amaze me, amazing how your ways got me in a maze inside your matrix
Do you taste it, that feel good greatness? I believe in love is real, but I’ve seen that it’s oh so strange
I feel the heat, need a deep breather, or a street sweeper to pick up my brains off the pavement
I know you notice where this metaphor is going, I ain’t even have to say shit
But I want to, cuz you’re awesome
And every other dude in the room sees
[Chorus: Dev*] Got me feeling all this passion, fashion passing all the attractions
Take action and bounce to the beat, let’s get down baby, let’s get free
[Verse 2: Ivy Sole]
You should probably undress, take your clothes and your fears, lay ’em down on the floor and forget ’em
And I respect, that the way that you move makes the whole room say go get him
And that, crown on your temple could probably outshine this fire
Come light my fuse, you’re my muse, the one that I desire
I’ve been meaning to inquire, yeah I’ve got a couple questions
Heard that stroke is Van Gogh, damn baby that’s impressive
You probably can’t see me clockin’, I know you can’t see me closing in
Body look just like chocolate, might just melt if you’re holding it
[Verse 3: Dev*]
Never wanna fall in love but I figure if I did, it would have to be with her
And I’m sorry for the silence, it’s not everyday you find a divine can occur
And I can’t find words but you’re the queen I suspected
I get that you dream of a love that’s perfected
But I’m just a man and I’m new to this lunacy, truthfully I don’t know what you expected
Don’t get me wrong, see.