Neeraj Kabi: Taj Mahal 1989 will bring alive the romance before the advent of technology

They are both professors in Lucknow University. That waiting and longing to see each other again was so beautiful. You can find your next girlfriend or boyfriend on your phone. The 51-year-old has made his mark in the web space and has been part of shows like Sacred Games, The Final Call, Delhi Crime among more. Today, the options are so open. It has definitely got me some really good roles and a great audience. I am also doing a film Raahgir. It’s taking some extra time than I imagined but I am hopeful that it will come. And that will just not happen overnight. So it’s an interesting mix of stories of a generation where there was no TV or mobile phones, neither the advent of technology. Having done so many intense roles, was doing a romantic series a good break for you? The charm of staying and loving is not there. We spent a lot of time with our partners then, and most of it went into just looking at each other. Click here to join our channel (@indianexpress) and stay updated with the latest headlines
For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App. Taj Mahal 1989 also stars Danish Hussain, Sheeba Chaddha, Geetanjali Kulkarni, Anshul Chauhan, Paras Priyadarshan, Vasundhara Singh Rajput, Shiri Sewani, Anud Singh Dhaka and Mihir Ahuja. That purity is missing now. I was thrilled by not just being a part of it, but also by the responses that I received. I am playing Akhtar Baig, who is a philosophy professor. It will stream on Netflix from February 14. How was the experience of reliving the past days? There are a few other web series that I am working on, two are almost ready to be released. With so many back-to-back projects on the web, you’ve become the poster boy for the digital space. His wife is a physics professor, and for him, that’s utterly boring and non-intelluctual. Taj Mahal 1989 is a love story of four couples. And I was so kicked about it. I want that creation to happen when stories are written for actors like me. Relationships have become like pizza and coke, which might look fancy but has nothing good to offer. Neeraj Kabi starrer Taj Mahal 1989 is available for streaming on Netflix from Valentine’s Day. What’s next for you? I was quite young, in college in 1989, and was deeply in love then. There they find each other and the happiness in their relationship. Does the recognition translate into better offers, especially from Bollywood? I also have a couple of other features, one with Dibaker Banerjee. I am confident that I am capable of leading projects, which are even complex. He finds solace in his poetry and lives in a selfish world. Redoing these things gave me a sense of what it felt in those days. (Laughs) I don’t know if I can call myself the poster boy. For us, our whole world was that person alone but today, people have so many options. Till then, I am happy that I got to project such a range of characters on the web. Even touching the hand was a big thing. But I really cannot talk about it at the moment. Excerpts from the conversation
What is Taj Mahal 1989 all about? But yes, I am fortunate that a lot of work that I did was on the web. Also, with social media, suddenly everything is about making an image. One couldn’t sleep at night waiting for the sun to rise and meet your loved ones again. Then there’s another story of our own students, one about two long lost friends meeting, and the last one about a girl falling in love with a much older man. That’s when she threatens him with a divorce, and he realises that he cannot lose her. We are trying to explore what romance was at that point. However, she feels that they need love and romance in their lives. Written by Sana Farzeen
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Published: February 14, 2020 10:08:19 am

Neeraj Kabi has appeared in shows like Sacred Games, The Final Call among others. May be yes, it lasted longer then because there was less distraction. Well, to tell you honestly, I am still waiting for much better roles. But has that changed things for you? I did another romantic short film Once Again with Shefali Shah. While performance in films like Talvar and Hichki also got him the much required mainstream recognition, he has also been shuffling between theatre and his job as an acting coach. I was happy to know that people do want to see middle-aged romance. This is why there’s so much restlessness. It’s relevant in today’s time as people will get to see what love actually was before technology seeped in our lives. They go on a holiday which is simple yet very beautiful. © IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd And I am slightly surprised that despite seeing the quality and hard work, the Hindi film industry is still not creating projects that I can be a part of. In an exclusive chat with, Neeraj Kabi opened up on his new project, changes in the expression of love and being the poster boy of digital medium. Geetanjali Kulkarni and I are playing one of the couples. Tell us more about your character and his love story. There is no concreteness. So when this came my way, I said a yes instantly in my head, and after I read the script, I was on board. He lives in an igloo of his words and enjoys to read and write. They are just existing in the marriage. Do you feel today, because emotions have become so superficial that relationships don’t last, compared to the earlier generation? So, I could relate to those emotions. Follow us on Facebook | Twitter | Telegram | Helo | Pinterest | Tumblr | TikTok for all things Entertainment
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