Small Towns Burn A Little Slower – Spittin’ Truths Lyrics

In this chain of communication
I think we skipped the link where you mention your intentions
And since I brought it up this is when I thought
I would speak my mind and tell you why me and my kind are note feeling fake
For those friendly leaches with their suction cup tongues
They talk you in and out of whatever they want
Not out for blood, just # 1
And I for one am ashamed to say I’m guilty of the same double dealings
Pillars of promise built to keep the floor from the ceiling
But I don’t want to be put on a pedestal
So if you could do the same then you’d be feeling fake
Fed up with this spinning, so we’re swinging on our own
Singing like we know but admitting that we don’t
Fed up with the spinning so we’re swinging but not for those friendly leaches