Swanand Kirkire on coronavirus outbreak: People in India are overconfident that things won’t affect them

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Singer-actor-director-lyricist Swanand Kirkire is ‘writing, singing songs, cooking, painting and watching birds outside the window’ during self-isolation. What has been the best outcome of self-isolation so far? And life itself is very inspiring. So, all we can do is to listen to the authorities and maintain social distancing. What will be your message to the fans? People are not taking social distancing seriously. Kameshwari
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Updated: March 26, 2020 9:39:37 pm

Swanand Kirkire recently talked about self-isolation and social distancing. We got the groceries. I am bird watching from my window, which I did not do in a long time. And a good art has no life, it remains forever. I am spending time with family. Also read | Coronavirus outbreak: Gul Panag, Anushka Shetty and others react to 21 days lockdown
What will be your parting words for our readers? I am hoping there will be a good outcome of all this. Having said that, I also believe that creation and recreation go hand in hand. Stay home, stay safe. Let’s love life, let’s create positivity and let’s love each other. There is no reference to it. Coronavirus works in multiplication, which can be stopped when you self-isolate yourself. When you are given a song to write professionally, how do you prepare yourself? Art is with us at all times. People in India are overconfident that things won’t affect them but what we are facing today has never happened in the past. Writing should come naturally to you but that is not possible every time. You write for a script. Hope you are doing all the necessary things, especially not going out. I am following the guidelines that were given to us by the Government of Maharashtra and the Government of India. At present, there is a phase of recreation and I think it will soon go away. I see a silver lining (in the present situation) because if we do follow the instructions well, we will be able to control the pandemic in the right time. You read the script, understand the director and music director’s point of view. I am doing live videos, watching news, writing new songs, reading books and watching a lot of films. Do you think it is important to create art during such times? We all are dealing with it for the first time. These are all phases. Kirkire went live on The Indian Express’ Facebook page on Tuesday and spoke to his fans about the importance of staying home to slow the spread of coronavirus. I tried my hand at drawing. The birds also inspired me to write a poem. “मैं हूँ क़ैद खिड़की में
वो डालियाँ फुदक रहे
चहक रहे किलक रहे
देखो कितना हंस रहे
आज़ाद आसमाँ में
उड़ उड़ के नहीं थक रहे
चंद रोज़ यूँ ही रहो
कर रहे गुज़ारिश है
सच कहा था किसी ने
हम को क़ैद रखना
ये पंछियों की साज़िश है”
What inspires your writing? Here are excerpts from the live:
How are you spending time during self-isolation? When we write for cinema, we write with purpose but it has to look like it came naturally. Isn’t writing something that comes naturally, and not under compulsion? Anything new you learned during this period? What do you think will be the outcome of this self-isolation and social distancing?