Aktiveight – Play With My Money Lyrics (feat. Soave & Lethal Range)

Ya Lethal ain’t playing no games with you
Use all of my focus to aim at you
Put some respect on my name but when you
I’ll Take all the fame from you
Place all of the blame on you
Spitting all that flame on you
They’re all a shame of you
And that is so lame of you
Putting these chains on you
Taking your name from you
I never get played cuz
I ain’t the same as you
If you understand then get to stepping
Motha f*ckas better back up
Don’t care about the city your reppin
Motha f*cka start to act up
Lethal range with all the lethal weapons
Motha f*ckas better load up
Always come in first never come in second
Motha f*cka cuz I told ya
They looked at me funny but they look at me now
I’m the king of the castle, I’m just wearing my crown
They can’t play with my money cuz these motha f*ckas be lurking around
They can’t play with my money or motha f*cka be expecting my rounds