Prajakta Koli on self-isolation: It is inspiring that we have taken this seriously

The experience is bitter-sweet because we are so used to going out, traveling, meeting people and so on. So, we are feeling the same. How are you working from home? Just once I went out to get groceries and medicines. It is inspiring that we, as a country, have taken this seriously. What is the feeling during the lockdown? Have you stepped out since the lockdown? It feels like summer holidays. I have not left the house at all during the days of self-isolation. Learn cooking because it is therapeutic. Β© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd In my society, people are volunteering to keep a check that nobody is stepping out of their homes for no reason. I am proud that all of us are strictly following the guidelines given by the government. I am an extremely social as a person. I am happy that the crisis has united everyone. Stay active. However, the bright side is that I am getting my down time during which I am home and spending time with my family. What is your take on the lockdown? Also, I own a ukulele which I have not played so far. It is never like we have to go to a studio though I did get used to being in a studio to shoot. Kameshwari
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Updated: April 1, 2020 4:26:43 pm

Prajakta Koli, known as Mostly Sane, spoke about hobbies she has picked up during self-isolation. I don’t sing but these days, I am getting into Karaoke with my father. Written by A. I really feel the lockdown is a success. Keep working out even if it is for 30 minutes a day because you would go crazy by the end of 21 days. I quite liked summer holidays. Here are excerpts from the chat:
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For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App. It has been over a week (since self-isolation). I love meeting people and being around them. I am doing good. When we started making YouTube videos (early in the days), we used to shoot at home without many equipments and a team. How are influencers being a help in such a situation? Any hobbies you have picked up? The best part of being a YouTuber is that we can work from anywhere. I am hoping it is followed strictly all over the country. (Photo: Prajakta Koli/Instagram)
YouTuber Prajakta Koli, who is known by her screen name MostlySane, went LIVE from The Indian Express’ Facebook page to share her experience of self-isolation. So now I am thinking about taking online tutorials. My father loves Karaoke. What are your tips for passing the time during lockdown? There are creators forwarding the conversation. I remember we used to go to Delhi and my grandfather used to keep a fridge full of Frooti. πŸ“£ The Indian Express is now on Telegram. I am staying clean and keeping myself sanitised. Everyone is helping and doing their bit. India has taken the strict step well in advance and did not wait for the situation to get worse. Help your family in household chores. A lot of countries took the measures very late. We would eat a lot of mangoes. Many influencers are talking about the pandemic and sharing facts about the same.