R K Nagar movie review: Derailed by poor writing

© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd And it only shows the high disregard for the audience and the art of screenplay writing itself. There is a dead kid at Shankar’s tailoring shop. 📣 The Indian Express is now on Telegram. He dreams of living a luxurious life, with two wives at his service. A group of teenage boys sexually assault girls and record the crime to blackmail their victims for money. It is all over the place. The title of director Saravana Rajan’s movie intents to satirize the last by-poll election in Chennai’s R K Nagar, which became notorious for alleged electoral malpractices. Shankar claims he has no interest in making wealth and has no respect for people of fortune. Ranjini (Sana Althaf) comes from a rich background, and she despises rowdy men. But, the filmmakers’ imagination is so inept that this movie is nothing but a pile of WhatsApp forwards. R K Nagar movie cast: Vaibhav, Sampath, Sana Althaf, Inigo prabhakaran, Anjena Kirti, Sri
R K Nagar movie director: Saravana Rajan
R K Nagar movie rating: 1 star
R K Nagar was supposed to be a political satire. Rival politicians are fighting over a piece of land. Because in the election season, the goons and politicians of R K Nagar get busy pursuing other interests. There is an ongoing enmity between two rival groups. It seems Saravana has written this movie without a basic outline of the characters that populate R K Nagar. This is not laced with some comical commentary on the greed of politicians. The number of discrepancies in the motives of the characters is unbelievable. And it is left to Shankar to bring justice to all the crimes. But, when he wakes up, his ambition is entirely different. The scene only reeks of the unoriginality of director Saravana Rajan, who has also written this movie. But, when she sees Shankar chasing two goons with a matchete in his hand, she falls for him. R K Nagar is set in the backdrop of an impending election, which hardly gets attention in the script. This movie is so incoherent that you can’t tell the main plot from the sub-plots. For example, Santhana Bharathi’s Chairman Sundaramoorthy, who is leading a campaign for the ruling party, decides that the best time to grab temple land is when the election is around the corner. One can’t help but wonder, why would a decent filmmaker like him encourage such an incompetent and careless piece of work. We no longer are worried about the election, which is supposed to be the main focus of this “political satire.”
R K Nagar is bankrolled by Venkat Prabhu. Written by Manoj Kumar R
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Updated: April 30, 2020 9:28:20 am

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