Streaming platforms giving Bollywood a run for its money: Kirti Kulhari

Four More Shots Please breaks stereotypes in many ways. It is being directed by Bard of Blood director Ribhu Dasgupta. Apart from The Girl On the Train, I have a feature where I play a singer who travels with her band from Mumbai to Ajmer. There is a sort of satisfaction in it. It is more fun and more drama. Season 2 is bigger and better. Another reason is that the reach of OTT platforms is a lot and as an actor, I will always want that my work reaches a bigger audience. Written by A. It will have an OTT release. It is a sweet slice-of-life sort of film. As an actor, I enjoy doing something new, learning something new and offering something new to the audience. (Photo: Kirti Kulhari/Instagram)
Actor Kirti Kulhari recently went live from The Indian Express’ Facebook page to talk about Four More Shots Please Season 2, life during lockdown and her upcoming projects. After the success of Uri, Four More Shots Please and Bard of Blood, what sort of offers are coming your way? Parts of her have grown up but some parts of her have not matured in some ways, which happens to all of us. So, something new is happening there, which is interesting. Here, there is a fear of playing a mother or father. I know where the mindset comes from, but I think it is changing slowly. Now, I can switch on and switch off. Plus the role I am playing is very interesting. They will face new situations, meet new people and so on. Tell us more about Four More Shots Please Season 2. I think streaming is giving Bollywood a run for its money because of the kind of content it is offering. You will see Anjana dealing with new situations. They are so afraid. It is my first condition to do any project. I think I have been able to avoid typecasting by choosing scripts very consciously. Earlier, I used to take all my characters and their problems very personally, which used to consume me. I think typecasting is something I want to break. The industry is offering very different roles. You connect to the audience in a better manner. Here are excerpts from the live session:
2019 was a great year for you. Tell us about your next project The Girl on the Train. In Hollywood, people play their parts and move on. Personally, what would you choose – streaming or movies? Also, streaming gives the freedom to work on the character and actors are also able to invest themselves. It is a spillover of the first season. Is it hard for you to get out of a character? 📣 The Indian Express is now on Telegram. I have also have Charu and another film in the pipeline. I don’t think the kind of look I have in the film has been attempted before in Indian cinema. I have come a long way as an actor. We have a great equation as an actor and director. Over the years, I have understood that I don’t have to become my character. The industry is very quick to judge people. Yes, 2019 was pretty successful professionally because I had some wonderful films and two of my OTT series – Four More Shots Please and Bard of Blood – were received very well. It feels good when the audience admires the series and your work in it. Do you relate to the series? So yes, a lot of me this year. I play a British cop. All of it is relatable for me. You have all the four characters going on a different journey. I am very excited about The Girl on the Train. Click here to join our channel (@indianexpress) and stay updated with the latest headlines
For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App. I tend not to repeat my characters. Thanks to streaming platforms, a lot of stereotypes have been broken. You will also see the girls’ bond grow stronger. How was the experience of being a part of such successful shows? © IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd Kameshwari
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Updated: April 28, 2020 11:26:56 pm

Kirti Kulhari plays Anjana Menon in Four More Shots Please Season 2. As an audience, you don’t invest much in films in comparison to streaming content unless the script of the film is extremely good. As an actor, streaming is offering me some very good stories and characters. I keep doing something new because it excites me as an actor. Apart from The Girl on The Train, what other projects are in the pipeline? There is this big hullabaloo about an actor playing a mother or a father on screen, which is so stupid. I have learned to separate myself from the character. Anjana (Kirti’s character) has learnt from the mistakes she made in season one. Any stereotype you want to break in the industry?