Alice Russell – I’m Just Here Lyrics

I can hear talking
The TVs, streets, of night
Thinking of what they said
Everything is getting me down
I’m passing the park
Where the couples meet friends
Times I see endlessly
Memories getting me down
I walk to the light
But he shadows are east of me
Something was said to me
Days they are getting me down
Feeling it’s finally time
You reminded me
Autumn the leaves will leave
Empty traces for the ground
She leaves her trail
But autumn
Rests upon my
I close my eyes
For a moment
I can
I close my eyes
Silence the gift of speech
It makes my see
It makes me feel
I’m just here
Rest a little while
Now I can breathe
It makes me feel
I’m just here
Resting a while
From moonrise to sundown
I will make my fear
Soft as (?)
Of the promises
I taste my tears
And my silence runs far away
Tomorrow’s high
The twilight of the day
The willows
It bends deep inside of me
The secrets does he keep
So then why, so why
He has seen
And now I say
Oh why (?) … in my dream