Axel Mansoor – Cold Sweat Lyrics

What do I, what do I, what do I do? [Chorus]
What would I do? [Outro]
Cold sweat, woke up from a nightmare
The sun was peeking its head into the room
Border Collie sleeping at the foot of the bed
But still, I couldn’t find you What would I do? [Verse 2]
Woke up from my premonition
I couldn’t feel your warmth, I couldn’t find you
So I flipped out
I ran into the kitchen
I found a little note saying, “I’ll be back soon”
Relief came with a little breath
With nothing else to do, I headed back to the room
When I saw the clock was hitting midnight
Your clothes were all packed and the dog was gone, too
So what do I do? What do I do? [Verse 1]
Cold sweat, I was in a nightmare
Searchin’ in the dark, but I couldn’t find you
There were footsteps comin’ down the hallway
But when I turned around, it wasn’t you
I was lookin’ at myself, I couldn’t see my face
But deep down I knew it was true
Shadows handed me a question
If I ever lost you, what would I do? [Bridge]
Well, lucky me
It was only a dream within a dream
It gave me sight unseen
And suddenly I knew what was haunting me
The last bite
The last memory of our last fight
As I watched you walk away from me
How could I let you leave? How could I let you leave? What do I do? What do I do?