Hyperaptive – Big Man Lyrics

Think you’re hard try live where we live-fam! You can end up with a kick-jaw
Don’t try judge unless you’ve ever lived piss-poor! Cause it’s hard-in-the-ends
All times, better be on guard-in-the-ends,
Or you might get stabbed up, scarred-in-the-ends
It’s either road or behind bars-in-the-ends! Round here there’s no point having big-plans! Man these wankers are a waste
Trying to be a tough-nut
Come to my block, see if you don’t get roughed up! No love for the law, f*ck a pig-man
13 I blaze weed and cigs-fam! Best hit road and sell a pricks rings!! Mum’s drunk and that bitch don’t ever lift limbs! That’s the mindset he rolls with
Never was rich, never was one of those kids
Silver spoon in their mouth, jamming in a gold crib
Off to uni, Dad’s paying for the whole gig
Na fam, it’s a benefit ting! And he moves with a shank in his waist
He could stab a breh now and be blank in his face! Want beef get shanked in your ribs-fam
Can’t tell me shit, I’m a big-man! Watch when he’s older this breh’ll be a top vet! [Hook]
He’s a big-man! Don’t really give a f*ck where his life goes
Only cares about p’s and nice clothes
Getting weed and f*cking them nice hoes
Won’t be long til his story might close
[Hook] Might be young but we ain’t kids-fam! Rob yutes off ends, run from the 5-0,
Back to the block, better cotch there and lie-low
Bill a zoot and put it into rhymes with the biro,
Only peers are the older-guys
Thinking their living some sort of soldier lives
“Gotta rob brehs fam cause we’re so deprived”
Unaware they’re only aiding their own demise
All he sees are the p’s-and-the-creps
Robbing to be seizing respect
Brain washed by the hood so he leans-when-he-steps,
Gun finger in the pictures like he’s squeezing-a-tech! And his balls ain’t even dropped yet
But you dun know our little big man’s got skets! [Verse 2]
You ain’t never seen a kid this-raw
13 and he’s moving the piff-draw
Want beef? [Verse 1]
Let’s study the mind
Of a 13 year old reppin’ S-W-9
Every part of his ends has trouble-entwined
With every other guys mentality muddled and blind
Covered in crime
A big little gully-guy
Only cares about stacking his money-high
f*ck school it’s a long ting to study-why
Bother when you can shot to every breh running-by?! No job so when it comes to the cheddar it’s grim
Want p’s? Him and his man dem are live-o! About to be the biggest G on his block yet!