MasterChef Australia serves up Indian Khandvi in Week 4’s pressure test

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MasterChef Australia Masterchef Australia: Back to Win is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. It’s rare to see this level of competition on MasterChef, but it is a delight for the audience. The Sushi train challenge was a hard task this week. Here’s why
For the overall report card of the contestants, we are glad to report that Poh has admitted to her problem of taking everything ‘down to the wire’. The team challenge was another fun cooking round, but this week’s highlight was the Pressure Test that saw three contestants making the infamous dish ‘Pasta Not Pasta’. Yet another week on MasterChef Australia Back to Win is over, and at the end of the fourth week, I honestly want to admit that there is no one contestant in particular who has all my attention and that’s because they are all so good. Amina, on the other hand, got a chance to shine multiple times this week. Honestly, it was fun as the Australian contestants struggled to say ‘asafoetida’ while naming the ingredients. 😂 #MasterChefAU @entervialaundry
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While MasterChef AU has been sportingly showcasing Indian cuisine for a lot of seasons now, this episode took it to the next level. Dani was the only contestant this season to win an immunity pin, but sadly, she left the competition with the pin as she chose not to utilise it during the elimination round. This week on MasterChef Australia, Dani Venn (Season 3) and Rose Adam (Season 7) left the competition. Ben and Tessa, who have been front runners since the start, are starting to slip massively. Though for the audience, it could have been presented better if there was a host in the kitchen as they cooked. The challenge saw the contestants doing the host’s job as well, which appeared a bit chaotic. While like most other viewers, I too have my set of favourites, the show is yet to have its frontrunners who are consistently acing every challenge. View this post on Instagram

Girl power in tonight's Immunity Challenge! Written by Sampada Sharma
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Published: May 13, 2020 10:38:31 am

Eighteen contestants are still competing for the title after Week 4 on MasterChef AU Back to Win. The challenge was set by Chef Helly Raichura, and Rose, Ben and Poh were the three contestants who had to cook the Indian dish. 👊 #MasterChefAU: Back to Win 7.30 tonight on 10 @tracyleecollins @emelia_jackson @aminaelshafei
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For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App. The ‘Pasta Not Pasta’ dish was basically a spin on the Gujarati dish Khandvi, and the three contestants were in for a challenge.