Random Encounters – Legends Of Zelda: Tales Of The Wind Waker Lyrics

And fired some cannon shots! Battled some flaming Keese
Fought my way through the Tower of Gods! TETRA: Milkshake. (YEAH!)
Made a Rito friend! GILLIAN: Why, Mister Ganondorf. GANONDORF: WHAT THE-
PATRON: GO ZELDA! You look like you’re having a pretty… average day…
GANONDORF: I’ll take one of everything. Found a boat that speaks
And turns into a-
PATRON: It’s the dread pirate Tetra!!! Ha!)
Based on phases of the moon! Where a giant squid attacked us
And forced our ship ashore! Shave your beard! Won tons of rupees! Learned a sword-spin technique! TETRA AND LINK: It’s Link! The wind is blowing…
I took my sister back! Just using a sword and a wand! (pointing) On that guy’s tab
GILLIAN: What’s bothering you, G? We pulled up a hefty treasure
With a Piece of Heart or Three! LINK:
I’ve sailed the seas
On the breath of the ocean breeze! Learn some words! I thwarted all Ganon’s plots! We were caught inside a cyclone! But we managed to get free! Then set out into the sea! Go slash a dozen Cuccos! Go change into a pig! Just prepare for owning! You took her by mistake! All I found in it was a treasure chart
PATRON: Hooray for Zelda! LINK: (quiet) Well exCUSE ME, princess…
GILLIAN: Miss Tetra, how has your expedition been going? …Sheesh, get with the times…
Go ride your stupid boat! Ha!)
LINK: Oh, weird. TETRA:
We set sail for Greatfish Isle
But were caught inside a storm! Rode the winds through the sky…
Fed a fish-man guy! (Hoo! LINK: It’s Link
PATRON: Tell us about that one time you found the Wand of Gamelon
LINK: I don’t know what you’re talking about
I smashed a thousand pots! Where a thousand sharks were waiting-
Which we blew to smithereens! We stole bombs for all our cannons! Bleach your skin! HEY, IT’S BEEN A HUNDRED YEARS! Someone messed up my bird-
All these girls have gone free
And there’s a snotty green twerp-
LINK: Hey, you looking’ for ME? …What are you looking at, Fairy Boy? Ride some birds! I need her pointy ears! (Hoo! Ha!)
When we ravaged all it had, its hulls (Hoo! Then we stumbled on a Ghost Ship (Hoo! While tugging Valoo’s rear end! GANONDORF:
I’ve got
Forty guys dead
And I don’t know Why-
All my treasures are gone-
All my plans are awry! Met the Fairy Queen
A fat little man in green! PATRON: Hey Zelda! Ha!)
Were full of gold doubloons!