Jamie Lever on Johnny Lever: He is a strict south Indian father

It is fun to listen to him. Sometimes, we just talk and relax together. View this post on Instagram

It’s #worldlaughterday !! I have had such moments with him. Imagine, he gets angry while explaining how to say a joke. Earlier, I came in for strong judgement from the audience as a woman and daughter of the king of comedy in Bollywood. She spoke about her journey in the industry and her father Johny Lever. My friends have helped me out with contacts of casting directors. Here are excerpts from the interaction:
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Did being Johny Lever’s daughter give you easy access to the industry? My dad made it very difficult for me. We have started questioning ourselves, whether we are liking and following the right people, supporting the right films. So, initially, it was difficult. He shares trivia from shows and films. Now, because they know me, they surrender as an audience. I am a 32-year-old but I tell him every little detail of my life. He was never in the picture. © IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd My father told me, and I have also realised, that your talent is your best-friend. View this post on Instagram

@aye_kameshwari spoke to @its_jamielever on her career, how was it to grown up as a #johnylever’s daughter and so much more. Click here to join our channel (@indianexpress) and stay updated with the latest headlines
For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App. So, for me, work got me more work. He is happy with my growth. When I was established as an artiste and started touring with him for shows, he turned from a nervous father to a confident audience. He told me, “You better be good or don’t waste your time.” He saw me growing when I did TV. 📣 The Indian Express is now on Telegram. When it comes to work, I get so scared to discuss my projects with him because I don’t know how he will react. These videos led to more work. My competition is with any other actor or comedian, irrespective of their gender. 🤩😃 @iam_johnylever… @iam_johnylever #happyfathersday #fathersday2020
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We have always perceived him as this fun person. My father gets to know of my offers only when I tell him. Have you ever felt you were not being taken seriously because of gender? (Photo: Jamie Lever/Instagram)
Actor-comedian Jamie Lever is “full of gratitude” for the love she has been receiving from the audience. It was demotivating, especially coming from friends but it is a mindset. So, it is a great change. I made calls and auditioned. Post-pandemic, do you think there will be a change in the way the audience looks at stars? Did he give you tips on dos and don’ts? We are changing a lot as an audience. Very punctual. … Written by A. That is how the journey started. So, I learnt to be humble, grounded and to keep working hard. I just think whoever you are and whatever you want to be, you deserve a chance. I am an artiste, a comedian. Yes, representation is low but it has never bothered me. There were very few when I first began. The 32-year-old recently interacted with The Indian Express Entertainment on Instagram. Genuinely, deserving talent needs to be given a platform. OMG! Everything is very unpredictable in this industry. A very dear friend from the industry told me that I should not get into comedy because women are not funny. People were curious about me, which is why some of my videos went viral. He questioned me on my plans and how I was going to go forward. He talks about his experiences like any typical father. Kameshwari
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Jamie Lever said being Johny Lever’s daughter did not give her easy access to Bollywood. What changes would you want to see in the industry? One such video went viral and reached Abbas-Mustan. How is Johnny Lever in real life? There is so much conversation around nepotism, about being an insider or an outsider. He is a perfectionist even at home. I think the environment is going to change post-pandemic. View this post on Instagram

The 1st time we met, Daddy & me! He is a strict south Indian father. No one will support you as much as your talent will. So, he does things like a typical daddy.