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He made about 100 movies starting from the early 60s that went well into the late 2000s. But, the problem is he’s already married. But, the ‘apple scene’ captures the distress, struggles and hunger of unemployed youth in less than 30 seconds. He is poor, so he becomes an easy target for people to blame and harras. © IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd (Thillu Mullu is available on YouTube)
Varumayin Niram Sivappu: It is a timeless political satire. Kamal Hassan, Sridevi, Rajinikanth, Vivek, Prakash Raj to name a few were launched and fine tuned by Balachander. The tragedy is inevitable. (Punnagai Mannan is available on MX Player)
Unnal Mudiyum Thambi: It could be a very good case study for the current crop of Tamil filmmakers on how to make a ‘message film.’ Starring Kamal Haasan, this is one of Balachander’s simple films. Ethir Neechal: Balachander adopted his play of the same name for the big screen. It is a scathing indictment of regressive ideas of gender roles. If you want to see Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth sharing screen space in their prime, this is the right pick. And he also falls in love with her. (Duet is available on YouTube)
Kalki: The film is a variation of Sindhu Bhairavi. Here is a list of movies of Balachander that you can stream right now. And this film narrates another disheartening story of star-crossed lovers. Set in a rural backdrop, the movie follows the rebellion of a son against his father’s upper-caste hegemony. The Balachander film challenges conventional ideas of chastity, surrogacy, and the hypocrisy of patriarchy. He challenged social conventions, promoted progressive ideas, created powerful and independent women characters, examined the vanity of pride that limited human achievements and he did all this with the skill of a remarkable storyteller. The former school teacher turned filmmaker made movies at an extraordinary rate. And they come back with sweet memories, ergo the title Ninaithale Inikkum. The film follows the rise and fall of a Carnatic musician, who ends up meeting his soulmate, who shares the same passion for his music. (Express archive photo)
Legendary K Balachander would have celebrated his 90th birthday if he were alive today. His movies had everything – song, dance, fights, comedy – that ticked all the right boxes of a commercial enterprise. Click here to join our channel (@indianexpress) and stay updated with the latest headlines
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Ninaithale Inikkum: Not only serious socio-political drama, but Balachander has also made solid feel-good entertainers. It is a minimalist film, which majorly takes place within a residential complex, which houses people of different cultures. He leads a social movement that turns his native place into a model village for the rest of the country. But, his films did not follow a template or pander to masses. The star director dedicated five decades of his life to the craft of storytelling spanning theatre, cinema and television. The property also houses a young orphan Maadhu, who lives under the staircase. (Sindhu Bhairavi is available on Amazon Prime Video)
Punnagai Mannan: Well, Balachander is a gifted tragedian. (Kalki is available on YouTube)
📣 The Indian Express is now on Telegram. Balachander’s movies feel as relevant today as they did back then because of his honesty in reflecting the world as he saw it. (Varumayin Niram Sivappu is available on Amazon Prime Video)
Sindhu Bhairavi: This musical drama is a masterpiece. Set in the nation’s capital Delhi, the film has many powerful scenes. It has one of veteran actor Sivakumar’s career-best performances. A music band from Tamil Nadu travels to Singapore for a performance. (Unnal Mudiyum Thambi is available on Amazon Prime Video)
Duet: The film has the best compositions of AR Rahman from the 90s. What happens when two brothers fall in love with the same girl? He had mastered the art of catering to the needs of a larger audience without compromising his artistic integrity. (Ninaithale Inikkum is available on YouTube)
Thillu Mullu: The remake of Hindi film Gol Maal is the best and arguably the only full-length comedy film in Rajinikanth’s career. Written by Manoj Kumar R
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Published: July 9, 2020 11:44:53 am

It is K Balachander’s 90th birth anniversary today. Balachander’s biggest contribution to Indian cinema was his ability to spot and nurture new talent. But, Maadhu’s fortunes change when the residents are told that he suddenly became rich.