When wilderness unravels unlimited thrill: ‘MAFIA’, a hard-hitting web series on ZEE5, tells the tale of betrayal & deception

The show will be released in Hindi, Bangla, Tamil, and Telugu on ZEE5.  
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For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App. Being an ardent lover of mystery and thrillers – we give ‘Mafia’ a ten out of ten for getting all the elements right and doing justice to the plot.  Watch it to believe it! Get your popcorn and nachos ready for the Friday premiere binge-watch. If you are wondering whether the story is based on a gang of goons… that’s not it. What worked the best for us are the scenes shot in the wilderness. Waiting to get the chill down your spine? Tags:



psychological thriller Adhering to the popular game, ZEE5’s ‘Mafia’ is all about being a hunter and the hunted. Mafia is a bilingual series, shot in both Bengali and Hindi. ZEE5’s ‘Mafia’
Another bonus! Mafia on ZEE5: Express reviews this as a ‘must watch’
The one thing that needs to be the strongest in an OTT series is the story and script. The characters in-focus in ‘Mafia’ are Namit Das as Nitin, Tanmay Dhanania as Rishi, Isha M Saha as Ananya, Anindita Bose as Neha and Ridhima Ghosh where the story more or less revolves around these characters and their dark secrets that lead them to hell. This July, ZEE5 is geared up to release the talk of the town – ‘Mafia’ on July 10, 2020. Mafia’s tale gives the viewer a brand-new perspective to the dynamics of friendships and relationships. Mafia is an interactive, new-age social deduction game, that models a conflict between two groups. Updated: July 10, 2020 11:20:01 am

Anindita Bose & Namit Das from from ‘Mafia’
The one word synonymous to ZEE5 is ‘entertainment’ also known for buckling down to churn out the finest and one-of-a-kind content for the viewers! The creative collaboration between ZEE5 and Dasgupta brings to viewers a series to engage – of course with entertainment and this time, maddening thrill. Here are the key hooks that kept us fixed to the series:
The cast, location, and the story line. Adding a touch of terror and suspense to the entire anecdote. As the episodes roll out, what unfolds is a classic story of deceit, betrayal, havoc, and stories untold…
The story woven well with the characters is a must watch if you are blood thirsty for an adrenaline rush sitting in your homes, this surely will add the excitement to your night-binge-watching. Dark secrets on their way to growing up tore them apart and eventually turned them into strangers. A mystery drama that transitions to a psychological thriller – the show is based on the popular social deduction board game ‘Mafia’. Every scene being a breath-taker, Mafia is the narrative of six friends who go back a long way to being college friends – and that too, inseparable ones! As for the location, the plot begins with a scene in the middle of the dense and quite forests in Madhupur, Jharkhand – once a favourite spot for the six best friends back in college. The show is created by Rohan Ghose and Aritra Sen with DOP – Gairik Sarkar. ‘Mafia’ – #GameForLife, a web-series in the genre of ‘Thriller & Mystery’ is produced by Parambrata Chatterjee and Eskay Movies with Birsa Dasgupta making his directorial debut. The complete series revolves around the game of ‘Mafia’ that has played a massive role in the lives of the gang of six. Rest assured, the web-series premiering on July 10 exclusively on ZEE5 is a powerhouse and a psychological thrilling roller-coaster leaving you hooked to the series. Friday release: Mafia releasing today
But first things first. Thrilling to the absolute core – ‘Mafia’ premieres today on ZEE5. Watch the trailer here:

Express review for Mafia: Hard hitting web series that offers unlimited thrill
A fun trip turned into a rip-roaring experience… Mafia takes the viewer on an unusual ride filled with electrifying thrill, drama, and mystery. Yes, that’s right folks! ‘Mafia’ being the blend of the two – an exceptional and fresh story with the perfect dire twists. The six return to their much-loved retreat spot to reminisce their old days and celebrate the grand bachelor party of Tanya… knowing little what the next couple of days has in store for them. What’s riveting is, how it takes just two nights to change the entire lives of the friends who play ‘Mafia’!