Abhinav on doing Bigg Boss 14 with wife Rubina: Contestants will surely try to break us apart

At the end of the day, I am a Punjabi! 👻❄️ @rubinadilaik
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When you are in subzero just stick around! Before entering the house, Abhinav Shukla, in an exclusive interview with indianexpress.com, shared that participating together would do more harm than good to their game. They will surely want to break us apart and send either of us home soon. We do have our own difference of opinions sometimes, but we know how to move ahead. There would be people wanting us to fight or break the team and we decided to take it as a challenge to continue staying together.https://images.indianexpress.com/2020/08/1×1.png

Q. (Photo: PR Handout)One of the biggest highlights of Bigg Boss 14 is the participation of real life couple Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla. But we can’t help it. So, the challenge is basically people rather than jungle or hunger. I don’t think it would be an advantage as people might take us as a threat. That’s the most difficult thing I would have to deal with. I think people will relate with me a lot. He also spoke about the challenges of being locked up inside the house and what one can expect from him in Bigg Boss 14. While they had fun with host Salman Khan at the grand premiere, they were grilled by a few journalists about their relationship. In this house, where fights can even happen over food, do you think you will have an upper hand since you have earlier participated in Survival India which tests one’s basic survival capacity? These shows put you through tough times, and brings in a lot of revelation about one’s self. However, she had this idea that we could bring about a whole new dimension. Also, the beauty of the Bigg Boss format is that it pushes you out of your comfort zone, and your real personality comes to the fore. Being such an outdoor person, would it be tough for you to be locked up inside the house for three months? © IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd


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rubina dilaik I just hope that I am able to see some trees around to make me feel home. It gives an idea how mentally strong and smart you are in dealing with people. Apart from Abhinav Shukla and wife Rubina Dilaik, Bigg Boss 14 also has Jasmin Bhasin, Rahul Vaidya, Jaan Kumar Sanu, Pavitra Punia, Eijaz Khan, Nikki Tamboli, Sara Gurpal, Shehzad Deol and Nishant Singh Malkhani as contestants. Also, most importantly, we both believe that the better one should win. Will we see another side of Abhinav then? While it would be an advantage having someone around, how difficult will it be to compete with your partner, given only one can win the show? I might be a celebrity but I belong to the humbler folks categories, and the real public would connect with me. Q. As for both of us, we individually have our own personalities. What can we expect from you as an individual, and as a couple? I do have a very strong threshold for anger. I would also have a logical or scientific solution to every problem. How did Bigg Boss 14 happen? I am totally desi that way. Well, they offered us the show together. Since the time I have graduated from college, I don’t think I have stayed in my house for two-days at a stretch. If she is having a bad time, my energy would be diverted, and I would work first towards making her feel better. I generally treat people the way they treat me. 📣 The Indian Express is now on Telegram. The biggest takeaway for me from that show was that life is all about mind over matter. The actors, who got married two years back are touted to be among the strongest contenders, given their popularity. If either of you are going through a low phase, as partners, you would tend to care about each other. We know what’s right and wrong and have our own way of judgment. This game is a very different format. However, I think we will improvise as and when the situation demands that
Q. Rubina and Abhinav shared that during the lockdown, like most couples, they too had their own share of fights, and all is well between them now. The show can push you to the wall sometimes. And now that I have taken it up, I hope I manage to survive. I don’t usually lose it but if someone is trying to be too filthy or even get physical, I am not going to take that. Initially, I felt that Rubina should go on alone. You come across as a very calm and mature person. Do you think that could also harm the game for both of you individually? Q. Nothing supersedes Rubina, not even the game. Here, what’s more important is how you deal with people, and sail through with your head held high. Written by Sana Farzeen
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Abhinav Shukla was last seen in Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka. It was private till now but would be for everyone to see. As for us together, we have our own chemistry. Q. Being strong selves, when we will be pitched against each other, we will play by the rules.