Airospace – I Feel Like Killing Myself Lyrics

Graveyard resident
Write my will within my penmanship
Lay my mama down and give her a crucifix for sentiments, nigga
Stummy feel sour like that warhead
[?] tongue
Jumping from the towers
Bone marrow keep me standing, listen
Rotted from eternal
Seen my heart been liquid
Earth to virgin
Undeserving, wish the rapture take me first, sister
Promise 20 dollars baby broken, broken coin slots
Traded in stability for enemies and show plots
Sad [?] feelings with more fuel for the gas tank
Set 'em on fire and catapult me to the last rank
Lost in translation
My Spanish shaky, we nodding heads
Waving hands, [?]
Homeless for a minute just made the covers to shawty bed
Rather have my in it than outed, albeit no balance
There's barely shillings to manage
When you lost the hope [?] damage
That divorce ain't never fixing
Switching sides, stranded
Like Schizophrenics with PTSD
I need division
If you see me, just ignore what you see
Nearsighted vision
Told my father give a f*ck if he breaths
Relieve the system
Homie, I ain't got the spliff for your needs
Speed up the mission
f*ck these Xs like addiction, but I'm slowing down
Drinking Corona
You got me slumped and slouched, couch to couch
We just sewage rats in [?] house
Gone as shit
Build up and struggle when you see me around
Just let me go