Benny Dayal: Most of the views are going to songs which are non-musical

Benny: Earlier, there was an effort to put out good music but now, the effort is to garner more numbers, which is kind of hurtful. Raajeev: When you have a big name attached to the film or the song, you are expected to compose as per their popularity, which should change. People ask me, “Sir, why so many remakes?” But they only go and dance to it. Today, look at the pattern, most of the views are going to songs which are non-musical. Raajeev: Earlier, music had more soul. Kameshwari
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Updated: October 8, 2020 8:49:20 am

A still from the song "Besura". Do you see that as a welcome change? © IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd The song has been written by Benny who, on YouTube, described it as his “frustration as to how musicians feel after learning and training in classical music for so many years and yet don’t receive any recognition for their hard work, sincerity and diligence.”
During an Instagram LIVE with, Benny and Raajeev spoke about the recent trends in the Indian music industry.×1.png
Benny: It should have happened a long back. Creating music on your own brings out a unique identity. The content does not have quality. Also, don’t judge an artiste by the number of followers on social media. Benny: We all did not learn music to become a star and get followers. View this post on Instagram

@bennydayalofficial spoke to @kameshwarilive about his song #JeeLe and #Besura. In today’s time, we see artistes creating a lot more singles than before. So, I don’t know what to say. Click here to join our channel (@indianexpress) and stay updated with the latest headlines
For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App. “Besura” is not just about singing but also the situation because some people are putting everything into their craft and it is being killed because of the number games. Some also get depressed because of this. At the end of the day, it depends on people’s interest. How has music changed over the years? They use it as a parameter to judge their own track. Written by A. So, an artiste has to make a song and spend money but no one knows how to earn. The race of getting views, followers should end. And believe it or not, the youngsters are so fed up because of this trend because they don’t know it is a strategy. From the marketing aspect, sometimes we approach a label and they reject a song stating that it is good for a niche market but they want something that goes into everyone’s playlist. So unrehearsed and unprepared. On the contrary, someone who is working hard gets nothing. Stuff like that on YouTube gets views and followers because it is so bad that people are sharing it. Many feel it is a merit to cross a certain number of views. This is the struggle. 📣 The Indian Express is now on Telegram. What changes do you want to see in the music industry? While “Jee Le” talks about staying positive and living every moment, “Besura” revolves around the functioning of the music industry in India. The weird fact is that these people pump their views and then later, celebrate the same. We all became musicians and somewhere dreamed to sing in films, have hit songs and a successful career but it is equally important to dream of making your own music. Today, quality doesn’t matter, quantity does. Raajeev: You will get your answer if you go and check out the top 10 trending tracks on YouTube. (Photo: Benny Dayal/YouTube)Singer Benny Dayal and composer Raajeev Bhalla recently released two songs titled “Jee Le” and “Besura” on YouTube. Even if you put out a song on YouTube, to amplify its reach, you have to pay. The singer spoke about #socialmediatrends and how they influence music making in India…. #bollywood #bollywoodsongs #songs #singer #singers #instavideo #instalike #instalive #instasinger #instagram #instamood #instamusic #music #movie #tamil #hindi #malayalam #spbalasubramaniam #arrahman #rehnatu #kaisemujhetummilgayi #michaeljackson #kishorekumar
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How did “Besura” happen?