Bigg Boss Tamil October 9 episode: Balu recalls his traumatic childhood

Sanam Shetty was up in arms after Rehka graciously accepted the help offered by Suresh, who volunteered himself to prepare the dish. But, it was too late, the poison had already reached the kidney, and soon he passed away. Click here to join our channel (@indianexpress) and stay updated with the latest headlines
For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App. 📣 The Indian Express is now on Telegram. She described losing her father as a turning point in her career as it was the beginning of her journey towards becoming independent and self-reliant. Four days after the incident, her father fell sick, and the doctor who checked him informed the family that the scratch was a snakebite. They misunderstood snakebite for a thorn scratch. It was not because he was sent to the danger zone but because Aajeedh was not saved by the housemates. © IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd In the meantime, Suresh claimed that he went to help with cooking only after Rehka asked for his help. Suresh is turning out to be more sly than one could have imagined. She kept demanding an answer for a question that has outlived its purpose. By his account, he had a very traumatic childhood. However, you can’t say the same about Balu, whose full name is Balaji Murguadoss. Highlights: October 8 | October 7 | October 6
And at the end of the episode, the housemates nominated Suresh, Aajeedh, Ramya and Shivani for the next week’s eviction round. It was a reasonable culmination to a day that was dotted with heart-rendering stories of contestants. And she narrated her struggles without crying. So the night came to end with Bigg Boss instructing Suresh to take a bed in the women’s bedroom due to his medical condition. He recalled that he stammered more when his girlfriend broke up with him. And later it also helped him win bodybuilding events. But, Sanam was not the one to be discreet. But, soon she bagged a role in Raju Murugan’s Joker. Later, she got replaced without any notice. But, Rehka refused to entertain Sanam’s curiosity to discuss a non-issue. So Nisha gave up her bed for Suresh.×1.png
And the next day began with all of them dancing to a folk number. Soon, things got emotionally heavy as the housemates began recounting the struggles faced by them as part of this week’s task. It was Somashekar’s turn. Also, he seems to know how to evade situations that can put him in a spot of bother. Ramya was very stoic while recalling her life story. The episode began with the quarrel that was caused by Suresh Charavaarthy’s participation in the making of Bese Bela Bath, a popular breakfast delicacy of Karnataka. To a quarrelling Sanam, Rehka said, “Look, there is a conspiracy to create a division among the cooking team. But, she found some serious fame only when her photos went viral. (Photo: Disney+ Hotstar)At the end of Friday’s episode, Anitha Sampath burst out crying. And practising mixed martial arts made him a different person. She recalled that she landed a movie opportunity by chance and even quit her job to pursue it full time. He burst into tears every time he remembered his childhood. By: Entertainment Desk | Bengaluru |

October 10, 2020 8:44:47 am

Balu is a fitness freak. He blamed his absentee parents, who never cared for him during his growing up years. Understand,” hinting that Suresh was playing the trouble maker. And he revealed that he had a serious stammering issue and he stutters when he is unhappy. Suresh, however, was not happy. He said that both his parents were alcoholic, and his father used to beat him up and abuse him emotionally for no reason. They didn’t know that at the time. And he ended it on a high note with a rap song. He noted that he couldn’t catch a break despite doing some movies that never released. And that’s not entirely correct. It seems she has made peace with her past. He said that he found his calling in fitness, which sort of gave him some control over his life. She said that her father was bit by a snake while working in the field back in her hometown, Tirunelveli. Sanam was repeating the same comments over and over again, Suresh was adding to the bin, nobody was listening to Rehka, and Ramya Pandian like other housemates seemingly had no clue what was going on.