Bubba Sparxxx – Any Porch Lyrics

Boy from Athens
What the hell is wrong with him? Where the f*ck's my car at? What the f*ck, he's on the goddamned porch, Wayne! Bubba K. Get up, boy
Get the hell up! Comin' up the road there, he's coming in my goddamned yard
Oh that's, let him get a little closer, I can't see who…
I'm getting my goddamned shotgun, who the f*ck is-
No, hold on, hold on Donny, you always wantin' to shoot-
That's Bubba K, that's Bubba K
Bubba who? Don, Don, Donny, I just don't know
You know, it's just, it's just too much stuff out here
I sit here and drink, my wife, she's gonna leave me
And I just don't know
Hell, you need to smack her
It's what all women need, and it's what they want
They make you do it, hell
I just don't know, I don't, I don't want to smack nobody around
I ain't telling you to smack nobody, I'm just sayin'
Well, you just said it, you just came out your mouth and told me-
Just sayin' that she wouldn't mouth off so much
It, it a'int the mouthin' off-
Who the hell is that? It's okay, Bubba's cool
He's alright
Hey, hey, hey boy
What's goin' on folk? Hello? He's probably-
Boy! He's comin up here, lets just see what he wants
Get him the f*ck off my porch! Whereabouts? He's from Athens. Bubba?