Conway The Machine – Dough & Damani Lyrics

My lil' man gon' catch the body free, that nigga owe me one
Don't make us run up on you, dome shot, that's a hole in one
I'm 2Pac in Juice, why that nigga gotta hold a gun? Smokin' this motherf*ckin' gas, nigga
On a PJ, nigga
Look, uh
Bust down on my bitch, I blew forty on it
I'm the don, copped the Dawn, threw the Forgi' on it
Shots ringin', Flee got two forties on him
Shootin' like it's the game winner, Robert Horry on 'em
Dolo everywhere, wearin' every necklace
Draco on the seat, bitch, I'm well protected
You wonder where I'm gettin' money, I'm sellin' records
I tell 'em I was simply playin' chess instead of checkers
Blue hundreds in a brown paper bag
Ridin' through the city in my new paper tag
I take the half and make you take the bag
I made a bag, threw baguettes on my wrist, look like the bracelet glass
Half a brick on the table, I know it ain't gon' last
So much fishscale, this shit lookin' like a plate of bass
I told the bros to wear your gloves and cover your face with masks
Not for COVID-19, 'cause you got H to bag
Them niggas hate, but it don't make us mad
I'm sittin' courtside watchin' the Lakers play the Mavs
I ain't doin' no verses, homie, we can't collab
Every pole got a beam, we playin' laser tag
Real shit, foreign assets and I ain't even in my bag yet
Look, we been gettin' money before the rap checks
Hit the Backwood twice, this a gas check
Never needed nothin' from a bitch but her address
Yes, 'cause she wanna f*ck a rich nigga (Hahahaha, yeah)
Your bitch wanna f*ck a rich nigga (That's my bitch now, nigga, yeah)
[Part II: Damani]
Yeah, uh
Brr, look
[Verse 1]
Doat Street and May Block, that's where you niggas know me from
Don't wanna sell my man mama no work, I still sold her some
Might as well get it from me, she just gon' go spend her dough with someone
I'm 2Pac in Juice, why this nigga gotta hold a gun? Lyrics from snippet
[Part I: Dough]
You know? [Chorus]
'Cause I already got it (I got it)
I already got it (I already got it, look)
I said I already got it (I got it)
I already got it (I already got it motherf*cker, look, look)
I ain't gotta go get that
I already got it, p*ssy
Keep thinkin' I'm playin' with you niggas
Uh [Chorus]
'Cause I already got it (I got it)
I already got it ('Cause I already got it, motherf*cker)
I already got it (I got it)
I already got it (I already got it, look, look)
[Verse 2]
We was shippin' packs, rap is my new hobby
My shooter blew his bag, now he lurkin' for a new hobby
Broad day, right in the W lobby
I seen it on the news, I said, "That was my dude, probably"
Bitch, I'm the new Gotti, pull up, black and blue Bugatti
Levelled up my bitch, I paid for that new body
Got her titties did, in my city, I really did it big
Silly kids, we really spit about the shit we really did
The shit we really lived, I don't think they understand how ill he is
I'm really JAY-Z, nigga, I'm really BIG
I see their lists and I personally get offended
'Cause every single verse is a verse of the year contender
Guess it's 'cause I only rap 'bout the work I put in the blender
And I don't like workin' with these niggas
And I never do they interviews, so that's why I purposefully don't get mentioned
But they know I'm certainly rappin' circles 'round these niggas
You don't know me, where you know me from?